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Jailed #Limerick driver suing over fatal accident he denies causing

first_imgNewsJailed #Limerick driver suing over fatal accident he denies causingBy Staff Reporter – April 21, 2016 1156 RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Email WhatsApp Limerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live Predictions on the future of learning discussed at Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival Advertisement Linkedin The previously jailed driver is suing the MIBI at the High Court in #LimerickA #LIMERICK man who was jailed for dangerous driving causing the death of a teenager almost ten years, is suing the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) for damages at the High Court as he argues the accident would not have happened if he wasn’t “violently rammed” from behind by the uninsured driver of a high powered BMW who fled the scene.Gearóid Cleary, of Ballinacurra Gardens, Limerick, was 25 when he was found guilty by a jury of dangerous driving causing the death of 19-year-old Emma Woodland on Mulgrave Street on September 9, 2006.During the criminal trial, it was the State’s case that although Latvian national Roman Andreas pleaded guilty to dangerously driving the BMW and causing the death of Ms Woodland, this did not exonerate Gearoid Cleary, who, they claimed, was also driving too fast on the night of the fatal accident.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Shortly before midnight on September 9, 2006, Mr Cleary’s Honda Integra was propelled into a Toyota Starlet carrying Ms Woodland and driving it into a wall some 40ft after impact.The Starlet was crossing the main road ahead of Mr Cleary who claimed that it would have crossed safely had he not been rear-ended by Roman Andreas.Ms Woodland who was a back-seat passenger in the Starlet died from head injuries she received in the collision.Roman Andreas fled the scene but was later identified and pleaded guilty to causing the death of Ms Woodland.Criminal lawyers for Mr Cleary argued that he was not responsible for the teenager’s death and that Ms Woodland died as a result of Roman Andreas rear-ending Mr Cleary at speed.The trial also heard that Roman Andreas was twice the legal alcohol limit and he was jailed for three years and later absconded to Eastern Europe.Mr Cleary, who contested the criminal case before a jury found him guilty, was sentenced to four years in prison. Both men were banned from driving for ten years.This Wednesday before Mr Justice Brian Cregan at the High Court in Limerick, Mr Cleary opened civil proceedings against the MIBI for what his counsel, Gerry Tynan SC, said were significant damages the Limerick man was entitled to.Mr Cleary is claiming that he was not the cause of the accident and should be compensated for the back injuries he suffered in the accident and for the ongoing “depression, shock and upset he has suffered to this day because of the loss of the life he has been blamed for”.Michael Gleeson SC, counsel for the MIBI, said the defence will argue that “racing” was a factor in the fatal collision but essentially the MIBI, has been left to “pick up the pieces” as Roman Andrew absconded.The case is expected to last three days and will hear evidence from expert witnesses including Garda PSV forensic collision investigator, Mike Reddy, who attended the scene in 2006. Limerick Ladies National Football League opener to be streamed live center_img Twitter TAGSfeaturedGearoid Clearyhigh courtlimerickMIBIsuing for compensation Facebook Previous articleDemocracy celebrated at Limerick Spring FestivalNext articleGrandparents to be immortalised Staff Reporterhttp://www.limerickpost.ie Print Limerick Artist ‘Willzee’ releases new Music Video – “A Dream of Peace” WATCH: “Everyone is fighting so hard to get on” – Pat Ryan on competitive camogie squads Billy Lee names strong Limerick side to take on Wicklow in crucial Division 3 clashlast_img read more

Equal e-learning for the disabled

first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Equal e-learning for the disabledOn 1 Feb 2003 in Personnel Today NETg is claiming to be the first company to enhance its complete IT anddesktop e-learning courses to ensure that workers with disabilities have equallearning and development opportunities. The Thomson Learning Company recently hosted a roundtable event at whichrepresentatives from the disability, training and learning sectors unanimouslyagreed that many UK companies are unaware how to address the issue ofaccessibility when implementing learning programmes for the disabled. “Many organisations believe there are huge cost and time implicationsinvolved in introducing accessible learning solutions – something which doesn’thave to be the case,” says Richard Orme, head of technology in learningand employment at the Royal National Institute of the Blind. “Unfortunately, this fear means that accessibility is quickly thrownout of the window. The result? The wrong learning solutions are in place forthe wrong people, which not only ends in disabled workers being at adisadvantage, but all workers.” Organisations don’t have to buy separate NETg courses for disabled usersbecause the accessibility functionality is built into every course and can besimply switched on. NETg worked with TecAccess, a technology companyspecialising in accessibility for the disabled, and the functionality ispresent on a range of its IT and desktop programmes ranging from MicrosoftOffice applications to C++ programming courses. “Many UK companies are neglecting the training requirements of theirdisabled staff. This is leading to many workers not reaching their fullpotential,” says Jon Buttriss, operations and services director at NETg. “As we have shown with our courses, UK plcs shouldn’t be ignoring theneeds of disabled workers, but neither should they be making a special case forit. All learners should be able to use the same course and enjoy the sameresults regardless of any disability.” NETg has partnered with Safari Books Online to provide an electronic referencelibrary to supplement its portfolio of courses. www.netg.com Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Labelling anti-vaxxers as bad parents doesn’t help – it just leads to more distrust in science

first_imgThe Guardian  13 May 2019Family First Comment: A thought-provoking article about the vaccination and parental consent issue – written by a public health professor at a major Australian university…“All the parents in our research made a conscious and (for them) logical choice not to vaccinate, questioned the science underpinning vaccinations and undertook a number of health-promoting practices for the wellbeing of their children. Parents engaged in an ongoing search for information about how best to parent their children, which for many led to questioning of traditional scientific knowledge. Parents practised health-promoting activities which they saw as boosting the natural immunity of their children and protecting them from illness (reducing or negating the perceived need for vaccinations), including breastfeeding, eating organic and/or homegrown food, cooking from scratch to reduce preservative consumption and reducing exposure to toxins. Parents actively sought to take agency and responsibility back from the state and replace what they regarded as the negative consequences of vaccinating their children with positive consequences of health-promoting parenting. This lens reframes the act of not vaccinating from being deficit-based (parents doing something wrong) to being assets-based (parents having a particular logic and perceiving their parenting as health promoting).”Rather than simply blaming parents we should try to understand them.It’s often quite easy, but not necessarily useful or fair, to fall into the trap of blaming individuals for some of their choices in life. We continue to witness the unfair attribution of blame and stigma, often funnelled through particular types of media, on individual behaviours deemed “bad”. In the media and some political discourse, negative stereotypes tend to be attached to people undertaking a variety of “bad” behaviours, such as eating too much junk food, drinking too much alcohol, not practicing safe sex or not doing enough exercise. Parents who reject vaccinations for their children are also negatively stereotyped and constructed as bad parents and bad citizens, which simply leads to further polarisation and distrust.Evidence shows that it is very difficult to change behaviour among parents who actively refuse vaccination. Providing the correct information on vaccines improves knowledge but does not improve intent to vaccinate, indicating that simply correcting myths about vaccines in information campaigns or public health interventions may not be effective in changing vaccination behaviours.The assumption underpinning negative stereotyping is that bad behaviours are simply individual choices, which can be changed via health education and government policy. In other words, if people are educated that their behaviours are health damaging, and they choose to ignore the advice, they are seen as culpable for the outcomes of their behaviour.In my field of public health, we actively aim not simply to blame people for their behaviours, but rather to understand the social, cultural, economic and cultural reasons that underpin their behaviours in the first place. This approach has been called “the causes of the causes”. We can then advocate for changes to the underlying factors which create the reasons for the behaviours, which moves the focus away from the individual and on to the social and political determinants of behaviour.Rather than simply blaming vaccine-rejecting parents and carrying on the “anti” and “pro” vaccination stalemate, I am part of a research team trying to understand the reasons why some parents decide not to vaccinate their children, focusing on their trust or distrust in childhood vaccinations.The times when we were simply, even blindly, expected to trust people because they were in positions of power has gone. This is not to say that people in power should not be trusted, but simply that people are expected to question such authority, access other sources of information and perform the role of the “informed citizen”. Across many countries and cultures, this unquestioning of power has been somewhat eroded, and in some cases broken. Nevertheless, most of social life could not happen without trust – as humans, we cannot personally perform every function ourselves, and therefore we need other humans to perform those functions for us. There are all sorts of uncertainties and contingencies built into the decision to trust (or not), but trust is ultimately based on cooperation – if we trust, we believe that the other person will do their best for us, and we will cooperate in a social relationship on that basis. Trust is a judgment, not a decision based on facts. We gather as much information as we need and then use that as our guide, but it is not fail-safe. Neither is it based on full information, mainly because we are trusting something which has not happened yet.Trust is an emotion which is based to an expectation about the future – if you trust a doctor to diagnose an illness or provide childhood vaccinations, you expect that they will be able to do this properly. Our research found that while parents tended to trust complementary and alternative practitioners, they had a distrust in doctors (in general), pharmaceutical companies (en masse) and even science as an institution. The central question for public health around ethical and effective communication with non-vaccinating parents is: if the messenger is distrusted, how do we get the message in an appropriate manner and what message will be accepted?All the parents in our research made a conscious and (for them) logical choice not to vaccinate, questioned the science underpinning vaccinations and undertook a number of health-promoting practices for the wellbeing of their children. Parents engaged in an ongoing search for information about how best to parent their children, which for many led to questioning of traditional scientific knowledge. Parents practised health-promoting activities which they saw as boosting the natural immunity of their children and protecting them from illness (reducing or negating the perceived need for vaccinations), including breastfeeding, eating organic and/or homegrown food, cooking from scratch to reduce preservative consumption and reducing exposure to toxins. Parents actively sought to take agency and responsibility back from the state and replace what they regarded as the negative consequences of vaccinating their children with positive consequences of health-promoting parenting.This lens reframes the act of not vaccinating from being deficit-based (parents doing something wrong) to being assets-based (parents having a particular logic and perceiving their parenting as health promoting).As a public health academic, I do not wish to promote the decisions of parents not to vaccinate their children, since I fully believe in population-level vaccination programs. However, I am not simply trying to change what I see as the wrong decision – I seek to understand the logic and moral position of parents so that two-way communication can occur in a socially, culturally and ethically appropriate way.• Paul Ward is professor and head of public health at the College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders Universityhttps://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/may/13/labelling-anti-vaxxers-as-bad-parents-doesnt-help-it-just-leads-to-more-distrust-in-scienceKeep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Oportunidades: sectores chave

first_imgAs oportunidades de negocio abundam por toda a África do Sul, com alguns sectores identificados como tendo particular potencial de crescimento e investimento. Incluem as seguintes:Industria automovelA industria automovel na África do Sul e um motor global a turbo para o fabrico e exportaçao de veiculos e componentes. O sector exporta cerca de 10% do que fabrica, fazendo dela uma parte crucial da economia da África do Sul. Saiba maisOutsourcing (terceirizaçao)As empresas estrangeiras lutam cada vez mais contra o aumento dos custos e sentem cada vez mais a pressao das metas a atingir e a África do Sul esta a tornar-se um local favoravel para aqui encetarem contratos de BPO, do ingles Business Process Outsourcing, ou processo de terceirizaçao. Saiba maisTecnologias da Informaçao e Telecomunicaçoes e electronicaLider das Tecnologias da Informaçao e comunicaçao (TIC) em África, a África do Sul e o 20º maior consumidor de produtos e serviços de IT no mundo. Contribuindo cada vez mais para o PIB do pais, as TIC da África do Sul e o sector electronico sao sofisticados e estao em progresso. Saiba maisTurismoA lindissima paisagem cenica da África do Sul, a magnifica vida ao ar livre, o clima solarengo, a diversidade cultural e a reputaçao de retribuir o valor do dinheiro investido, tornaram-na num dos destinos mais procurados para viagens de lazer – e de negocios. Saiba maisAgricultura e agroindustriaA biodiversidade da África do Sul, aliada a sua longa linha costeira de 3.000 km, servida por sete portos de mar, favorece o cultivo de uma enorme diversidade de produtos marinhos e agricolas, desde os produtos da epoca, citrinos e frutos subtropicais ate aos cereais, la, floricultura, gado e caça. Saiba maisMinas e mineraisA África do Sul e um dos maiores produtores de metais preciosos como ouro e platina e tambem de bases de metal e de carvao. É o quarto maior produtor de diamantes. E os entendidos acreditam que existe ainda um potencial consideravel para descobrir outros depositos de minerios em areas ainda nao exploradas. Saiba maisIndustria quimicaA industria quimica da África do Sul, incluindo combustivel, plasticos e produtos farmaceuticos, e a maior do seu genero em toda a África e foi classificada pelo governo como motor principal do crescimento economico. Saiba maisReporter infoSAlast_img read more

Aussie siblings look to make MTB history in South Africa

first_img8 April 2014Having previously excelled at Cascades MTB Park, Australian downhill racing siblings, Mick and Tracey Hannah, are hoping to make history by winning the men’s and women’s titles at the opening round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, which gets under way in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on Friday.South Africa’s Greg Minnaar edged out Mick for the title at the 2013 UCI MTB and Trials World Championships in Pietermaritzburg last year, and Hannah has been hard at work in the off-season in an attempt to get himself back to the summit of his discipline. With Minnaar competing, but working his way back from knee surgery, a golden opportunity awaits the quietly spoken Aussie.‘We’re giving ourselves a good chance’“Going into the season, I have changed my training a little this year,” the Hutchinson UR Team rider said in a statement on Monday. “So far I’m really happy with the results, but I never know until the first race. Also, we have done a lot of work with the bike, so I think we’re giving ourselves a good chance to do well this year.”Hannah has twice placed second in Pietermaritzburg, both times behind Minnaar, in the 2009 World Cup leg and then again at the World Championships seven months ago. With good knowledge of the course and a fondness for the unique layout, his chances of going one better in 2014 seem bright.‘It’s fast and fun’“I really enjoy riding the Cascades course,” he enthused. “It’s fast and fun. It’s definitely physically demanding as well. I think it’s an exciting venue.“I have done well here consistently. I really enjoy the high speed courses and here you need a lot of power, which is a strength of mine,” he added.“Getting a good start to the season is very important for me. As I said before, I would love to win. Firstly, because of my history in Pietermaritzburg, but also because the second round is at home in Cairns, and I would love to start there with the leader’s jersey.”Memorable victoryTracey Hannah rode to a memorable victory in Pietermaritzburg in 2012, but was unable to repeat her feat in 2013, when British rider Rachel Atherton produced a near flawless display to claim the world champion’s rainbow-striped jersey.Hannah has been plagued by injury in recent times, but she heads into the Pietermaritzburg World Cup with a clean bill of health.“I’ve had probably the best off season I’ve ever had,” she said. “In the past I’ve had injuries, but this season has been clean and I’m feeling fit and fast with no injuries.”‘It’s a really great track’She said was looking forward to the unique challenges posed by the Cascades downhill course. “I think it’s a really great track. I love the speed and the jumps and it’s super fun to ride and hard to race. It’s usually slippery and dusty, so the bike gets loose, but I just love the speed of the track and the way it’s built to flow.“The most original thing about Cascades must be the people, the atmosphere. It’s very different to say Europe or anywhere,” she smiled.“I’d love to win it again, but my goal this season is to be consistent without injury.“I’d say getting a good start to the season is very important, but all my eggs aren’t in the Pietermaritzburg basket. I just hope to do my best race and I’ll be happy with that.”SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, October 1, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A dry day to start the week here today as strong southwest flow keeps temperatures above normal. We should see good sunshine through the day over most of the state with good dry down and low humidity values. Precipitation works across the state tomorrow, starting off around sunrise over the eastern third of Ohio, but building back west from there. All told, we can see a few hundredths to at least three quarters of an inch of rain over about 70% of the state. the higher rain totals will be in north central to northeast parts of the state, but a large part of Ohio can see a quarter to half an inch combined through the day tomorrow.   All action should be done before midnight, if not before. We are dry for Wednesday. Thursday rain returns midday to early afternoon with showers and a chance for a few thundershowers. Then rain continues through Friday. Rain totals can be .25″-1″ with coverage at about 70% of the state. The best rains are on Thursday, and only a few scattered showers with 30% coverage on Friday. There will still be plenty of holes in the rain. Dry Saturday. Then on Sunday, we do have a few showers trying to sag southward out of the Great Lakes and Michigan. These can work down to at least around the US 30 corridor and would bring up to half an inch of rain. The southern half of the the state really doesn’t see any significant threat out of this event. Right now we will keep potential for scattered showers from I-70 northward, but may tweak that as we move along.  The entire state is dry for next Monday.A strong front looks to arrive near the end of the 10-day window next Wednesday. This front is a slow-moving front and can bring rain totals of a quarter to .75″ 80% of the state at midweek. The map at right shows cumulative rain totals for Ohio now through next Wednesday. That front at the end of the 10-day period also will be the seed for a very wet 11-16 day extended period. We are seeing signs that the front stalls out draped over the state, and it may be responsible for precipitation all the way from next Thursday through the following Monday (the 15th). Rain totals combined over that 5-day window will be from half to 1.5” with coverage at 100% of the state. We then are drier, but still cooler for the 16th and 17th.Temperatures will likely average 10-20 degrees above normal now through midweek next week. We really do not see any cool down until we get behind the front that starts to bring moisture at midweek next week. But, if that front truly does stall out…we could see a significant temperatures spread across the state through the first half of the 11-16 day window. Still, with the warm air here, that would aid dry down in between moisture events, and gives hope that harvest can move forward.last_img read more

Kindle Comes to the Mac App Store

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… audrey watters Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#E-Books#web Related Posts E-Reading on Your MacIn July of last year, usability expert Jakob Nielsen studied reading speeds and user satisfaction, comparing the iPad, the Kindle, the PC, and the good old-fashioned paperback. Electronic versions of books were all found to be slower reads, but participants in the study said found the iPad, the Kindle, and the printed book to be pleasurable – far more pleasurable than reading on a computer.The Kindle app addresses some of this, perhaps, as it delivers the text in a similar way to other e-readers. But those in Nielsen’s study said they were less prone to read on their PCs as it reminded them too much of “work.” Furthermore reading on the computer really didn’t mimic the same sort of book-reading experience that e-readers had managed to capture.Have you downloaded the new Kindle app yet? And whether you have or not, do you think you’d find yourself reading books on your Mac as you would via other – dedicated or not – e-readers? Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… “Buy once. Read everywhere,” the Amazon Kindle advertises. And “everywhere” now includes your Mac, with the addition of a Kindle app for the new Mac App Store. The free app has quickly shot up the Mac App Store bestseller list. It’s number 3 for free apps at the time of publishing – not surprising since there are no other e-reader app competitors currently available. Even Apple has not put its e-reader app, iBooks, in the Mac store yet.Like the other Kindle apps – for iPhone, Android, iPad, for example – as well as the Kindle itself, the new app offers “Whispersync” so that your Kindle e-books are synced to the page you’re reading, no matter the device you’re using.The app also features most of the same features: you can bookmark, annotate, and of course, launch the Amazon store. Highlighting a word doesn’t bring up the integrated dictionary, however. And while the Kindle app doesn’t have that page-turning animation that iBooks boasts, there’s something about reading on the Mac that seems even less like flipping through a book. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

IPL 2011: Pune Warriors vs Mumbai Indians- MI win by 21 runs

first_imgMumbai beat Pune by 21 runs during the 44th IPL match of the season at the at the DY Patil Sports Academy Stadium in Navi Mumbai on Wednesday. Score | PhotosAlthough Pune bowled a tight line initially, but they were never in the game as a late charge by Mumbai saw them post a fine 161 run on board.Pune needed a good start against Mumbai considering that they were looking at a big 162-run target, but they lost their in-form opener Jesse Ryder on the first ball of the innings off Harbhajan Singh. Ryder tossed the ball straight to Dhawal Kulkarni at backward point and Mumbai were 0/1 on the first ball.Pune were in for more damage, when during the fourth over a Munaf Patel ball took the edge of Mumbai batsman Graeme Smith’s bat and landed in the hands of Aiden Blizzard at mid-wicket. He fell for 6 and Pune fell to 17/2.Abhishek Jhunjhunwala had added 10 runs to the team total when a Kieron Pollard saw him through in the ninth over and Pune were reduced to 46/3.Soon captain Yuvranj Singh and Manish Pandey got on with the revival act and also increased the run rate a notch higher with a few good shots past the boundary line.However, the cheer was short-lived for Pune fans as Yuvraj soon fell. A Lasith Malinga ball that wasn’t exactly timed by the Pune captain took a long loop before falling into the hands of Munaf Patel at third man. He fell on 20 and Pune fell to 77/4.advertisementThe Sri Lankan ‘slinger’ came around and scalped Manish Pandey and Mithun Manhas in the 19th over and Pune were looking down the barrel with 128/6 on board.Shrikant Wagh got run out in the last over and their innings came to a close on 139/7.Mumbai inningsA late charge by Kieron Pollard and Harbhajan Singh saw Mumbai post an impressive 161/7 against Pune during their IPL match.Earlier, Pune captain Yuvraj Singh won the toss and elected to field in the 44th IPL match of the season.Pune got the better of Mumbai opener and newcomer in the IPL circuit Aussie Aiden Blizzard in the third over of the match. Alfonso Thomas got rid of him when the Mumbai total was 18.Pune didn’t let Mumbai batsmen any room early in the innings as soon skipper Yuvraj Singh got the better of his Mumbai counterpart Sachin Tendulkar in the 9th over when he was batting on 24 and the team total was 58. Sachin wanted to play Yuvraj inside-out to the boundary but Jesse Ryder caught him at extra-cover to ruin his plans.Then in the 11th over Yuvraj came around to scalp Mumbai’s in-form batsman Ambati Rayudu on 27 and Mumbai were down to 69/3.Later, leg-break spinner Rahul Sharma delivered a KO on Rohit Sharma with Manish Pandey performing the final honours in the deep. And Mumbai were reduced to 94/4.Then Rahul came around to dismiss T Suman in the 17th over with Mithun Manhas claiming his catch at long-off. That ended Suman’s fiery batting spell that saw him post 36 of just 16 balls, hitting three fours and an equal number of sixes on the way to help the team to 114/5.In the 18th over Jerome Taylor claimed Aussie big-hitter Andrew Symonds cheaply to reduce Mumbai to 124/6.Finally, Kieron Pollard and Harbhajan Singh upped the tempo at death. Pollard hit a six and two fours off Thomas in the 18th over and then Harbhajan Singh hit a six off the last ball as Mumbai amassed 28 runs off the over.However, Jerome Taylor applied the breaks in the last over and even scalped Kollard on 30 as Mumbai finished the innings on 161/7.last_img read more