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‘Passed’ bag of heroin while in custody

first_imgAdvertisement Facebook Told might not be in court if ‘something went wrong’A HEROIN addict who swallowed a quantity of the drug to hide it from gardai when they searched his home, was told by Judge Tom O’Donnell that he might not have been in court if “something went wrong”. Jeffrey O’Donoghue appeared at the Circuit Court via video link, answering the charges of Garda David Boland, Roxboro Crime Investigation Unit, and was handed a 10 months prison sentence.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The court heard from Inspector Seamus Ruane that the DPP had consented to the summary disposal of the matter on the basis that the accused pleaded guilty. O’Donoghue entered a guilty plea on both the section 15 and section three charges contrary to the Misuse of Drugs act 1977. O’Donoghue, aged 36, of 44 Oliver Plunkett St, St Mary’s Park, was at his home when gardai called with a search warrant, and upon his arrest was conveyed to Roxboro Garda Station.After a period of time in detention, the accused “passed” the bag of heroin and following analysis,  it was valued at €500, in the form of diamorphine O’Donoghue made certain admissions that the drug was purchased to feed his addiction and to supply the habit of his girlfriend. The accused also had some public order matters outstanding dating back to June 13 of this year, where Garda Keith McCarthy was on patrol in the Robert’s Street area of Limerick and found him highly intoxicated, incoherent and staggering.Garda McCarthy asked the accused for his name and details and the court heard that O’Donoghue became “irate, violent and aggressive in front of members of the public”. Inspector Ruane said O’Donoghue was currently  in Limerick Prison having received an eight month sentence three weeks ago for a charge contrary to section 9 of the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act 1990. Previous convictions included fines for drugs in 2007, public order matters and the possession of a flick knife that warranted a three month prison sentence in the same year.Solicitor John Devane said his client had an addiction to heroin and in the most recent past, had “his house burnt down around him,” and that he was in a better place in Limerick Prison. Mr Devane added that the quantity of drugs was just for his client’s own use and to supply to his client’s girlfriend and that was the extent of the supply charge before the court. The court also heard since the accused was in prison, he was free from drug use.Judge O’Donnell said there were very “serious aspects to the case” and that irrespective of the means, the drugs were still for supply to a “third party,” thus satisfying the charge. He pointed out that O’Donoghue had several previous convictions, 38 in total, but credited the early plea and the steps that he had taken in the interim.However, he did note the dangers and seriousness of ingesting the drugs to conceal them, noting that O’Donoghue “might not be here if something went wrong”. For the section 15 Sale or Supply Charge,  O’Donoghue was sentenced to 10 months in prison, backdated to July 30 last, when he was first taken into custody. Judge O’Donnell took the section three possession of drugs charge into consideration.For the Public Order Charge of Garda Kevin McCarthy, O’Donoghue was sentenced to three months in prison and  other matters arising out of the Robert’s Street incident were taken into consideration. The sentence was also backdated Email Linkedin WhatsApp Print NewsLocal News‘Passed’ bag of heroin while in custodyBy admin – September 24, 2010 1021 Previous articleA round up of news in briefNext articleLegal challenge to planning decision admin Twitterlast_img read more

Lowering costs and clipping the red tape

first_imgTheConservative Party intends to slash business red tape by introducing aderegulation commission and resisting further European Union directives.Ifelected, the Tories would introduce a new body that would closely monitor andrestrict the costs of regulation.ShadowTrade and Industry Secretary David Heathcoat-Amory said, “Managers need tobe able to manage, so we need to get business costs down and clip red tape.”Wewant well-paid staff in secure employment, but realise that can’t be done bypassing a law. It has to be achieved by promoting the competitiveness andproductivity of British businesses, which are now more than ever exposed to thechill winds of international competition.”AConservative government would change the UK’s relationship with the EU. Itwould not ratify the Nice treaty and would insist on keeping a national veto onEuropean legislation.”TheEU economic model is characterised by a high level of so-called employment and socialprotection, but in fact it has led to high unemployment and the loss ofinternational competitiveness,” said Heathcoat-Amory.Thepromotion of business competitiveness is a key Conservative promise.Heathcoat-Amory claimed the productivity gap as measured by output per workerhad widened between the UK and France, Germany and America since 1997.Hesaid, “We would adopt a double approach. We want to reduce burdens torelease management time and to lighten business costs, and at the same timepromote training and skills through public agencies.”Businesstaxes would also be reduced. The climate change levy and IR35, the new tax ruleof subcontracted employees, would be abolished.Inthe workplace, Heathcoat-Amory is concerned that further legislation supportingwork-life balance practices could be dangerous to business.Hesaid, “The Government’s instinct is to reach for the legal button in therun up to the election, but all the costs will be borne by the companiesthemselves.”Ifa company loses its competitiveness and profitability and invests less as aresult, the long-term consequence will be fewer jobs. The best thing we can dofor the employee is to ensure that there is a continuous supply of good andwell-paid jobs in expanding British companies.”Heathcoat-Amorysays only a Conservative government would be sympathetic to business. “Wehave a government that doesn’t understand business. Few of them have everworked in any sort of commercial environment whatsoever. It is all a theory tothem.”Manifesto:at a glanceTaxand the economy– Public spending not to outstrip the growth of the economy– £8bn of tax cuts– No more “stealth” taxes– Cut fuel tax by 6p a litreBusiness– New deregulation commission to cut red tape– Promote business competitivenessEducation– 10,000 new teachers– Endowment for universitiesHealth– Increase in NHS funding– Increase staffing, but no figuresConstitution– Transfer power from central government to effective local councils– Strengthen parliamentary scrutiny of the governmentEurope– A more flexible European union – Vetro further transfers of power from Westminster to Brussels– Retention of the poundCrime– 6,000 extra police recruits– Less police bureaucracywww.conservatives.com Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Lowering costs and clipping the red tapeOn 22 May 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more