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Winterize pipes

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaHomeowners should winterize outdoor pipes and lawn sprinklers soon. A few precautions now can save a lot of time and headaches later.Freezing temperatures can cause the water in an exposed pipe to expand. If the water expands too much, the pipe bursts.”With home irrigation systems, you probably wouldn’t know you had any pipe damage until you turned it on for the first spring watering,” said Kerry Harrison, an irrigation specialist with the University of Georgia Extension Service.Most in-ground sprinkler pipes will be OK. Only the top 2 inches of the ground will freeze in most of Georgia. Pipes should be well below this level. Other irrigation components, such as backflow-prevention valves, are at ground level, though, and could be in danger.If there are any exposed valves or pipes around your home, tape them up or “use a good old sack to wrap them,” Harrison said. Home-improvement stores have many tapes, foams and gadgets to keep these pipes warm on cold, winter nights.The tips of sprinkler heads can hold water. When frozen, they can rupture. The whole sprinkler system holds water, too, even when it isn’t being used. Don’t forget to drain the system, Harrison said. If you don’t drain it properly in the winter, your sprinkler could be a geyser when you turn it on next spring.”Arrangements should have been made in the installation process to have a way to drain those lines that would hold water through a buried valve in a pit,” he said.If you’ve bought a home with an installed irrigation system, find this drain valve. Some systems are equipped with automatic drain valves.Don’t forget about outside water hoses. You can do two things:* Leave the hoses hanging outside. But disconnect them from faucets.* Disconnect, drain and store hoses someplace with a constant temperature. This will prolong the life of hoses.If you leave hoses undrained outside in the winter, don’t move them or touch them in freezing weather. You could be the one to break them. Frozen hoses are fragile.Private water users and rural residents with wells should check out their main water pump. Usually a quarter-inch pipe connects to the pressure switch. If it’s metal, it likely won’t freeze. But if it’s plastic, it might freeze and burst. This could cause the water pump to fail or continue to run and cause some major winter repairs.If all these precautions fail and a pipe bursts, there’s still one thing to remember. “Know where your main water cutoff is,” Harrison said.last_img read more

Burton Snowboards acquires four brands

first_imgBurton Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Forum, Special Blend, Jeenyus andFoursquare Snowboard BrandsBURLINGTON, Vt., July 15 /PRNewswire/ — Four Star Distribution has agreedto sell all four of its snowboard brands to Burton. Both parties haveagreed on terms and are in the due diligence period of the acquisition,which is expected to be complete by August 15th, 2004. Four Star’s brandswill stay on the West Coast but will move from its current location.The acquisition represents a new day for Burton to add to its existingportfolio of brands, which includes Burton, Analog, Gravis Footwear, REDHelmets & Impact Protection and Anon Optics. “We feel that the acquisitionof Forum, Special Blend, Jeenyus and Foursquare presents an excellentopportunity to reach out to a company that has great brands and a strongconsumer following, but has not been able to reach its market potential,”said Laurent Potdevin, Burton’s President. Markus Bohi of Four StarDistribution went on to say, “Selling off these brands is a very difficultdecision for the company. We felt that we needed to concentrate on C1RCA’sfootwear and apparel business in order to be successful in the long-term.Over the years, we have been approached many times about selling thesebrands, but the fit and timing never worked. The timing is now right, andwe could not place the brands’ future in better hands than Burton, theclear global market leader.””I think I speak for all of us at Burton when I say that we have gottentired of watching ski companies buy up snowboard brands,” says JakeBurton, founder and owner of Burton. “Forum is a company we have alwaysrespected, and it is a brand that needed to stay in the hands ofsnowboarders. We will do our best to see that Forum and its sister brandscontinue to grow and develop.”last_img read more

Frye’s school safety legislation could soon be law

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — The Indiana House recently voted in support of State Rep. Randy Frye’s (R-Greensburg) legislation that would bolster school safety by equipping schools with emergency response kits.Under this legislation, public schools could place “Stop the Bleed” kits on walls to ensure school staff members are better prepared to handle emergency situations. The kits would consist of instructional documents, a tourniquet endorsed by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, bandages and other medical materials.“Stop the Bleed” is a nationwide initiative encouraging bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.“These kits could aid in anything from accidents on the playground to a rare active shooter situation,” Frye said. “This legislation would ensure school staff is not left helpless while waiting for first responders.”According to Frye, at least five employees at each school would need to be trained to use the kits. Local fire departments have expressed support for training school employees and the Indiana Hospital Association offered to donate the kits to start the program.House Enrolled Act 1063 will now go to the governor for further consideration. For more information, visit iga.in.gov.last_img read more