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Kroos: “Lowering your salary is a lost fund or donation to the club”

first_imgThis pandemic and the earthquake that its arrival will suppose to the economy of the clubs augurs times of austerity in the transfer market. The coronavirus has unbalanced budgets, which have closed the door of income (television rights, tickets, subscriptions, marketing …) and are trying to survive by lightening the spending on the wages of their players and workers. For Kroos, this new scenario will cause a ‘cheapening’ of transfers: “It is questionable whether some sums of money can still be paid. I think all the problems will arise. Some more, others less. Maybe this is not bad because everything was put on a somewhat extreme level. “ Toni Kroos is not in favor of reducing the salary of the players as a measure to be taken by the clubs in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, which has blown up all the economic plans set at the beginning of the season. “A drop in salary is like a donation in vain or for the club,” said the Real Madrid midfielder on the SWR Sport podcast., although he pointed out that in the Madrid entity, for the moment, he has no problems in this regard. The German believes that reducing his salary strengthens the coffers of each club but does not contribute to helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in this crisis. “I am in favor of paying the full salary and that everyone does sensible things with it. Everyone is asked to help where necessary, and there are many places where it is necessary, “ Kroos raised. Kroos assured in this interview that, at the moment, Real Madrid has no problems maintaining the players’ salaries. Nevertheless, pessimism begins to be present in the Bernabéu, as published by AS on March 31. From the entity they discard, at the moment, a negotiation with the captains or an ERTE: “The finances are robust”. But it will give its approval to any consensual decision made by LaLiga in its negotiations with AFE. This Tuesday, Javier Tebas, LaLiga president, spoke via telematics with the foreign press and on this matter pointed out: “We are in a moment of exceptional crisis, unpredictable and of enormous impact. Everyone loses money, it seems normal to me that players’ salaries are also reduced. In Spain we did not find an agreement with the union, our negotiation ran aground yesterday. At the moment, 8 La Liga clubs (First and Second) have requested ERTE, but in the coming days all our teams will activate salary reduction protocols, either through ERTE or with individual agreements with their players. Spanish football does not intend to resort to state aid, we must be economically independent. ”center_img Of course, the Real Madrid player acknowledges being concerned about the global soccer system and how COVID-19 is affecting him and will affect him economically. “Many clubs lack planned income. It also depends on how long everything will be idle. If, for example, football is played again in May, solutions will surely be found. If it is necessary to stop until winter, I can imagine that some club will no longer do so. That would change football as we know it. “he stated.last_img read more