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200 iPad turns out to be a mirror

first_imgHere’s a hint — if someone stops you in a parking lot and offers to sell you a high-end electronic device at a 75% discount, chances are that it’s not on the up and up. If Jalonta Freeman had known that, maybe she would not have ended up with a $200 mirror concealed in an iPad box.Yes, it is that time of year again when stories start popping up about customers finding themselves wrought with frustration over holiday gift plans gone wrong. Freeman’s story trails back to a gas station in Arlington, Texas. While there, someone came up to her and said he had an iPad Best Price at Amazon that he wanted to sell.The seller told her it was worth around $800, but in a bid to get some quick cash, he offered to give it away for just 200 bucks. Freeman thought it was a great deal and accepted the offer. Of course, the seller drove off quickly $200 richer while later on Freeman’s sister opened the box to find nothing but a mirror inside. With no license plate and only a basic description of the seller, it’s unlikely he will be caught.Sadly, this won’t be the only time this holiday season someone gets scammed. There are bound to be stories of customers going home with boxes full of rocks, or Wii U eBay auctions that end up tricking the buyer into parting with lots of cash, and of course there is always Craigslist. There might be some cases where the tables are flipped, but the general rule of Christmas shopping is caveat emptor.via NBC DFWlast_img read more