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Facebook stomps down on app developers selling users private data to brokers

first_imgFacebook has been going to much greater lengths lately to clear up its image when it comes to user privacy, but a recent move to stomp down on Facebook application developers from selling user data to third-party data brokers might be the social network’s strongest statement yet that its changed it spots.On Friday, Facebook posted a message to their official blog, saying that it was against the policies of Facebook to sell user information to data brokers, and that — in fact — they themselves had never engaged in doing so. The social network, according to the post, has no tolerance for data brokers “because they undermine the value that users have come to expect from Facebook.”AdChoices广告Facebook’s making clear it expects the same ethical coda from its developers and that they will react strongly when they catch wind of third-party developers passing data scraped from their Facebook applications to data brokers. They’re going as far to include “anonymous identifiers in this protected category of Facebook data” and if you fall afoul of this policy, you’re going to be kicked off the social network.Just to prove they are serious, Facebook has said they’ve already caught a few developers selling lists of UIDs, and these developers are now banned from Facebook for the next six month. Afterwards, they’ll be let back on, but Facebook will require them “to submit their data practices to an audit in the future to confirm that they are in compliance with our policies.”The good news is there were no big names in the developers caught: all the guys selling of data were small fries, so your Farmville farm is probably safe. Frankly, it’s encouraging to see Facebook making good with its promises to improve privacy on the largest social network on Earth. Let’s hope they follow through.Read more at Facebooklast_img read more