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MacBook Pro teardown raises quality control concern

first_imgAs usual the folks over at iFixit have got their hands on the latest devices and taken them apart in short order. The 2011 edition of the MacBook Pro is no exception, and the images of the dismantled laptop are already available to view along with their notes.The good news for those of you who like to take a look inside your gadgets is that the new Pro is easier to take apart. The battery can be disconnected without having to be removed, the unibody allows easy access to components, and everything looks to be replaceable except the display. That means you can replace the battery even though Apple says you can’t.The model iFixit dismantled was the 15″ $1,799 option. The most concerning thing they found during the teardown was a lack of quality control. For a laptop that costs so much it was surprising to find a stripped screw securing the subwoofer enclosure, an unlocked ZIF socket connecting the IR sensor, and excessive thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. You’d think the internals would be perfect for such a premium piece of hardware, but we have to account for the fact iFixit may have received a Pro that was unusually not up to spec.On a positive note, other things of note include faster RAM being used, in this case its PC3-10600 as found in the latest iMacs. The battery is 77.5 watt-hours as in previous models, but only quoted by Apple as achieving 7 hours which has to be down to the quad-core processor needing more juice (earlier models were quoted at 8-9 hours). The wireless card now has 4 antennas instead of 3 meaning a stronger signal too.Overall the MacBook Pro seems to be more of the same from Apple and iFixit awarded it a respectable 7 out of 10 for repairability.Read more at iFixitMatthew’s OpinionWe have to remember that Macs have been historically reliable systems, so any quality control concerns are only going to take that reliability down a small notch. While the stripped screw and socket issue won’t really have an impact on day-to-day use, the excessive thermal paste could eventually cause an issue with heat in the laptop. But again, this could just be an anomaly that the iFixit laptop has rather than being a common feature of the updated Pros.Overall this update sees the MacBook Pros get faster and include the Thunderbolt connection which is still really a port for the future. The fact this model is easier to repair yourself, and has a removable/replaceable battery is just a bonus. A bonus few will likely ever care about, though.last_img read more