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Using Laser Scarecrows to Keep Birds Out of Your Sweet Corn…

first_img Facebook Twitter Using Laser Scarecrows to Keep Birds Out of Your Sweet Corn This Summer By Ashley Davenport – Dec 18, 2020 Sweet corn naturally attracts butter and salt once it’s out of the field, but in the field, it can attract birds. There’s liquid repellants, propane cannons, and sound deterrents to keep birds away, but researchers from the University of Rhode Island have shown great success with using laser scarecrows.Audio Playerhttps://www.michiganagtoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/The-Effectiveness-of-Using-Laser-Scarecrows-in-Sweet-Corn.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.For more information about the URI Laser Scarecrow Project contact Rebecca Brown [email protected] courtesy of Nora Lewis, URI“The idea of using lasers for bird control was not particularly new—it had actually been investigated off and on since the 1970s when it was originally tested as a solution for bird control at airports,” said Dr. Rebecca Brown, associate professor of the department of plant sciences and entomology at the University of Rhode Island.Brown gave her presentation during the 2020 Virtual Great Lakes Expo. Researchers noticed the birds were deterred by the bright search lights. Technologies and advancements were made to lasers over the years, and that lead to a new development.“Commercial development continued, improvements in computer technology led to automated laser scarecrows with moving beams rather than the stationary beams of the early units,” she said. “[That] also led to units being operated on battery and solar power.”Early in their research, Brown said existing laser scarecrows weren’t well-adapted for bird control in sweetcorn.“We needed a laser scarecrow that could be easily moved between fields that didn’t require a large solar panel,” she added. “We needed to be able to block the beam from projecting in unwanted directions so it wouldn’t interfere with roadways, neighbors, or low-flying aircraft.”Brown’s team then developed their own units, and over the three years of their research, they discovered there was a profound impact.“When we talk to growers who have been protecting their entire field with a laser, they’re reporting less than 10 percent damage,” said Brown. “[On] neighboring fields on their farm—and they’ve only protected one of them—they will get 80 percent damage on the other field.”Brown added that scarecrows need to be placed in the field before the birds discover the corn. Photos and the full research can be found here. SHARE Home Indiana Agriculture News Using Laser Scarecrows to Keep Birds Out of Your Sweet Corn This… SHARE Facebook Twitter Previous articleMichael Regan Nominated to Lead EPANext articleHoosier Ag This Week- The Week in Review Podcast for December 19th Ashley Davenportlast_img read more

Mortgage Industry Groups Provide Feedback on Universal Mortgage-Backed Security

first_img Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago  Print This Post Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News, Secondary Market The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Subscribe Share Save Home / Daily Dose / Mortgage Industry Groups Provide Feedback on Universal Mortgage-Backed Security FHFA Lending UMBS 2020-01-23 Seth Welborn Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Previous: The Industry Pulse: Updates on New Hires and Partnerships Next: Supreme Court Offers Ruling on Bankruptcy Appeals Case Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Mortgage Industry Groups Provide Feedback on Universal Mortgage-Backed Security Seth Welborn is a Reporter for DS News and MReport. A graduate of Harding University, he has covered numerous topics across the real estate and default servicing industries. Additionally, he has written B2B marketing copy for Dallas-based companies such as AT&T. An East Texas Native, he also works part-time as a photographer. The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Mortgage-related trade organizations have begun to weigh in on Uniform Mortgage-Backed Security (UMBS) pooling practices, responding to a Request for Input (RFI) released by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). In order to function properly, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac state that the UMBS will require alignment between the GSE’s pools in order to work properly, and to address this, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) released a request for input on a proposal to further align Fannie and Freddie’s pooling practices.In a statement at the launch of UMBS, Renee Schultz, SVP, Capital Markets, Fannie Mae said, “We remain focused on ensuring that all market participants continue to make a smooth transition to UMBS and maintaining a highly liquid housing finance market.”In their RFI responses, the Mortgage Bankers Association and the American Bankers Association (ABA) pointed to the to-be-announced (TBA) market and the single-lender pools.In their letter to the FHFA, ABA indicated that what is currently proposed for the TBA market should be reconsidered. According to ABA, “the approaches detailed in the RFI will not result in enhanced liquidity in the TBA market, will diminish the specified pool and CMO markets, and will cause harm to virtually every market participant, leading to higher costs or reduced access to credit that will ultimately impact mortgage borrowers.”ABA’s focus on the TBA market is an opinion shared by other organizations. In an Urban Institute report authored in part by former FHFA Special Advisor Bob Ryan, Ryan discusses how UMBS’s impact on the to-be-announced (TBA) market will be key to the security’s success.“Ideally, by combining Fannie and Freddie’s securities, the UMBS will expand the TBA market’s liquidity, thereby improving pricing marketwide,” Urban’s report stated. “But that will happen only if the combined securities are fungible. A material divergence in the performance of Fannie and Freddie’s pools will lead investors to trade more and more in the specified and stipulated pool markets, reducing liquidity in the TBA market and thereby undermining pricing marketwide.”MBA, meanwhile notes that the RFI’s proposed pooling process changes are not immediately clear, calling for more justification for what the organization calls “a major restructuring of a large market that is critically important to the health of broader financial markets and the global economy.”“Before FHFA moves forward on any elements of this proposal, MBA believes the Agency must provide a more thorough explanation of the problem it is seeking to address and a more robust justification for the merits of this particular solution,” the MBA’s letter said.In each response, avoiding misalignment between the GSEs is a priority. For MBA, this means aligning prepayment rates that will not have a potentially negative effect on pooling options, market diversity, and product availability to borrowers. ABA’s focus on alignment is centered on the TBA market, urging the FHFA to avoid taking actions that reduce the variety and optionality for investors and lenders that exists today in the TBA market.The complete letter from the ABA can be found here. The MBA’s letter can be found here. January 23, 2020 1,863 Views Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Tagged with: FHFA Lending UMBS About Author: Seth Welborn Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Sign up for DS News Daily Related Articleslast_img read more

3 thoughts for car buyers

first_img 542SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: www.cuinsight.com Details If you or someone you care about is looking to buy a car, there are probably a hundred things you should consider. I’m not going to throw a hundred things at you, but I do want to throw out three things that you should think about before you sign your name for a new (or just new to you) automobile…Needs vs. Wants: What are you going to be using your new ride for? A long commute? Weekend trips to the mountains? These are just a couple of questions you should consider. A smart car might get incredible gas mileage during your 40-minute commute, but that little fella is pretty much worthless when it comes to a cargo space. Sure, you may be able to get a bag of groceries home, but what about that 30-gal trash can or 6-foot step ladder you wanted to get at Lowe’s? And a jeep might be a cool ride for a trip to the beach or mountains, but the sound of a soft-top rattling in the wind is going to get old quick if you have to spend time on the highway on your way to work every day. And don’t forget about things like Bluetooth connectivity and heated seats. You really need to sit down and weigh your options before getting too excited about what car looks the coolest.Monthly payments vs. Total price: So, you love the monthly payments, but are you really considering how much a new car is going to cost you by the time you’ve paid if off in six years? And maybe you’re a big fan of the total price you’re getting, but you know the monthly payments are going to take some sacrifice in your budget. Is that something you really want to deal with? And have you factored in other costs like insurance, gas, oil changes, tires, and preventative maintenance? Take your time and make a list so you can get a better idea of the true cost of your new ride.Know your car before you buy: The best advice I could give you before buying a new car is to get to know it before it’s yours. Do some research and see how other owners are feeling about their purchase. And always take a test drive. Don’t just ride up and down the boulevard. Put a few miles on it. Ride through parking lots. How does it ride? Is it only smooth on smooth roads? What’s it like going over a speed bump? Some cars let you feel everything, and that’s not ideal. When it comes time to buy, you shouldn’t be buying a mystery. It should feel like you’re bringing an old friend home.last_img read more