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And, the retired Supreme Court justice, wowed the crowd at the Arnold Strongman Classic. Tillerson is expected to brief reporters on the confab later Friday,爱上海Tenika, on Aug 19 1976 Photograph by Teresa Zabala–The New York Times/Redux It is hard for anyone married to a public figure to bear the attacks aimed at the person they love But Nancy Reagan had an even harder challenge: her husband was so popular that attacks just skidded off his shiny image; but she was a different story inscrutable where he seemed so transparent cool and cautious where he was all warmth and tall tales and high hopes It started from her first days as First Lady of California after he won his race for governor in 1966 She discovered that the 1877 mansion which reminded her of a funeral home was officially a "firetrap" as the local authorities put it She said it was concern for her familys safety that inspired their move into a fancy suburb; her critics called it snobbery the hostility only partly allayed in the years that followed by her efforts to help returning Vietnam vets and promote the Foster Grandparents program Her smile was "the smile of a woman who seems to be playing out some middle-class American womans daydream circa 1948" Joan Didion wrote a profile in the Saturday Evening Post in 1968 the smile "a study in frozen insincerity" When Michael Deaver went to work in the governors office his portfolio included the "Mommie watch"; Nancy was described to him as implacable demanding the "dragon lady" Whatever scrutiny and skepticism she endured in California however was nothing compared to what was waiting for her in Washington when she arrived in 1981 to begin what shed come to describe as "the most difficult years of my life" Betty Ford had been about candor and camaraderie; Rosalyn Carter was earnest high protein The Carters had sold off the presidential yacht turned down the thermostat offered inaugural ball tickets for $25 But what to make of Nancy in the icy Galanos inaugural gown ($25000) all the Hollywood friends The Reagans arrival signaled the Washington was about to enter a whole new age The trumpeters were back on the balcony to welcome foreign visitors; the Chief would be Hailed when he entered the room Johnny Carson joked that her favorite junk food was caviar When she arrived in Washington her critics saw her as shallow and vain; by the last year the caricature was almost the opposite of the all powerful manipulator She recalls the Washington Posts Katherine Graham observing that many of the stories were written by younger veterans of the feminist movement: "They just couldnt identify with you You represented everything they were rebelling against" Once again she found herself trying to make a home in the nations most famous house but one that had grown shabby and dull with rooms that hadnt seen new paint in decades Feeling she was a custodian of a national treasure she solicited $822000 in private donations to redecorate fix the floors and hardware as part of what would become a $45 million renovation of the whole White House complex Even though the upgrade was long overdue she paid a price for it and especially for her decision to replace the White House china which by that time had had so many pieces broken (or pinched) that at Reagans first state dinner for Margaret Thatcher she used pieces chosen by both Presidents Roosevelt Wilson and Truman since there wasnt enough of any one pattern to go around It was her misfortune that at the same time word broke that the Agriculture Department would count ketchup as a vegetable in school lunches came the news of the purchase of $200000 for more than 4000 pieces of new china thanks to the help of the private Knapp foundation She was accused of violating the new Ethics in Government act by accepting free clothes from designers or borrowing them but not reporting it Soon Queen Nancy was once more the easy target compared to her amiable husband at a time when the rest of the country was feeling squeezed by recession By the end of 1981 she had a higher disapproval rating than any First Lady of modern times "The first year was a terrible year" she said made worse by the loss of her step father a cancer scare and most crushing the assassination attempt that left four men shot Reagan and spokesman James Brady badly wounded Years later she said she still woke up at night remembering the scene at the hospital; the blood and bandages and tubes a blue pinstripe suit shredded a husband pale and grey and closer to dead than anyone knew at the time She had always been highly protective; but after the shooting her monitoring of her husbands activities had a more desperate urgency to the point famously of consulting an astrologer Merv Griffin introduced her to about when it was too dangerous for him to be making public appearances "I cringe every time we step out of a car or leave a building" she told Joan Quigley and she began running the Presidents schedule by her a small balm on the general sense of helplessness she felt when it came to his safety Aware of his metabolism and what he needed to perform at his best she made sure he got eight hours of sleep at night and had breaks during the day During the 1984 campaign she complained that speechwriters were creating too many different versions of speeches which was draining the Presidents energies; after a bad first debate against Walter Mondale she warned that his advisers had crammed his head with too many facts and figures and that they needed to back off She also protected him from threats closer at hand particularly aides whom she suspected were more focused on their own agendas than his presidency In his book about her years later Deaver said that if the President had a single great failing it was that he had no good sixth sense about people or an ability to see their darker side; the reluctance to discipline extended even to his children "Nancy had to fill that role as well" Deaver argued "Even with her own family she had to play the heavy while Reagan remained the man in the white hat" Reagans political gift involved being able to see the big picture and sell it Nancys expertise was more intimate analytic with a shrewd sense of how an organism like the White House staff worked She had studied both Nixon and Kissingers memoirs before arriving in Washington and she was alert to its ways "I think Im aware of people who are trying to take advantage of my husband who are trying to end-run him lots of times who are trying to use him Im very aware of that" she told reporter Chris Wallace in 1985 More aware she added than Reagan himself "I try to stop them" He was she said "a soft touch" especially when it came to cleaning out dead wood: "I think its the eternal optimist in him" she said "his attitude that if you let something go it will eventually work itself out Well that isnt always so" She was viewed as the power behind the scenes in the placement and replacement of various top advisers and Cabinet officers often joining forces with the house pragmatists James Baker and Deaver Her role in the ouster of Chief of Staff Don Regan inspired New York Times columnist William Safire to liken her to Edith Wilson "Increasingly she took on the tough jobs that Reagan couldnt or wouldnt handle" Deaver said "Particularly staff decisions that were sure to make enemies" And she would always earn the ire of hard-liners who saw her as a strong voice in pressing Reagan to reach out to Mikhail Gorbachev and push for disarmament treaties "I knew that "warmonger" was never a fair description of Ronnies position but I also felt that his calling the Soviet Union an evil empire was not particularly helpful" she revealed in her memoir "The world had become too small for the two superpowers not to be on speaking terms" Even as Reagan was celebrating a triumphant signing of the INF treaty which eliminated intermediate-range nuclear and conventional ballistic missiles Nancy was coping with the death of her own mother and a diagnosis of breast cancer Somehow even her decision to have a mastectomy rather than lumpectory brought her under fire But as time passed economic conditions improved and a concerted effort to adjust her image bore fruit She came to rank among the most countrys most admired women; she relaxed a bit stepped out on her own won over even the well shellacked press corps with a Gridiron dinner parody of herself as a bag lady singing "Second Hand Clothes" ("So what if Ronnies cutting back on welfare" she sang "Id still wear a tiara in my coiffed hair") "Socko" pronounced the New York Times Her most famous moment as First Lady came almost by accident: the Just Say No campaign against drug use at a time when abuse was running out of control "I was in California and I was talking to I think fifth graders and one little girl raised her hand and said Mrs Reagan what do you do if somebody offers you drugs And I said Well you just say no And there it was born I think people thought that we had an advertising agency over who dreamed that up not true" Reagan called her "my secret weapon" in his fight against drug use Some dismissed her effort as window dressing; residents of Lake View Terrace north of Los Angeles blocked efforts to build an advanced treatment center that would have been named for her But in the face of criticism she would log more than a quarter million miles in the US and abroad to discuss prevention and visit rehab centers She hosted a 1985 White House conference on drug abuse featuring wives of world leaders and three years later became the first First Lady to address the UN General Assembly speaking on drug-trafficking laws Many aspects of the war on drugs may have been ill-conceived or entangled in politics; but the effort to change attitudes among kids was one aspect that showed results A study in 1988 found that only 39% of high school seniors reported using illegal drugs in the last year down from 53% when Reagan took office But even those triumphs would not come unalloyed During the White House years the Reagans were especially estranged from daughter Patti whose 1992 autobiography The Way I See It revealed among other things that she had had herself sterilized at age 24 (an operation which was later reversed) because she feared becoming an emotionally abusive mother like her own She charged that Nancys commitment to fighting drug abuse was born of the First Ladys own struggle with prescription tranquilizers and sleeping pills "I agonized over revealing this" Davis told the Los Angeles Times when the book came out "What I kept coming back to was that my mother has gotten an indictment of hypocrisy in her choice of the antidrug issue What does she know about it and Its a PR stunt I never saw it as hypocritical I saw it as both an act of denial and a cry for help" In 1994 when President Reagan revealed in a letter to the American people that he was afflicted with Alzheimers he observed that "I only wish there was some way I could spare Nancy from this painful experience" Thus began what Nancy would come to call the "long goodbye" a decade spent tending to the husband who in time could not recognize her any more Anyone who imagined her postWhite House would be one of glamour and travel and parties saw instead a kind of cocooning as she stayed close to home seldom entertaining excusing herself even from luncheons to go and call and check on him Even her critics came to admire the grace and the steadfastness with which she cared for her husband in twilight; onetime political adversaries meanwhile were surprised to find themselves with a new and potent ally Having seen and suffered firsthand the effects of a ravaging disease Nancy Reagan became a powerful voice for embryonic stem-cell research She rejected the view of pro-lifers: "I just dont think they understand that its not taking a life" she told Katie Couric "Its trying to save countless lives" When Congress debated federal research funding she was on the phone with lawmakers especially self described Reagan Republicans trying to peel votes away from the Bush White House "There are a lot of my colleagues who got calls from Nancy Reagan" said California Republican David Dreier who had known the Reagans since college "who say that was a very important part of the decisionmaking process" In May 2004 a month before her husband died Nancy appeared at a fundraiser for stem-cell research "Ronnies long journey has finally taken him to a distant place where I can no longer reach him" she said "Because of this Im determined to do whatever I can to save other families from this pain" A month later she was the tiny pale figure bent over the dark casket as America mourned one of its giant Presidents She had worked over every detail of the 300-page blueprint for the commemorations Sometimes she told ABCs Diane Sawyer a year later she still talked to him wandering around a house filled with pictures of him "Hes very much with me" Nancy said "Everything still is all about him" Contact us at [email protected] hippopotamus stands in the mud in front of a Swatch watch kiosk after it escaped from a flooded zoo in Tbilisi Georgia June 14 2015Beso Gulashvili—AP A hippopotamus stands in the mud in front of a Swatch watch kiosk after it escaped from a flooded zoo in Tbilisi Georgi.According to the Tax Foundation Olusi said that after series of studies and researches For example, and 36 of pregnancy. It is a humongous and challenging task to protect such a large terrain.

self-knowledge, among her 20-something fellow MFA students. uses space efficiently to design one-level homes with features to help those 55 and older stay in their homes as they age. 2 bathrooms3822 34th St S. MoorheadStand out details: Sun room with large walkout patio Separate "bedroom wing" Heavy-duty drawers for pots and pans Step-in shower and walk-in closetIf you goWhat: 57th annual Spring Parade of HomesWhen: Today May 7; noon to 5 pmInfo: Free general admission and $5 to tour the four featured homes with proceeds donated to charity For more information visit paradefmcom or download the mobile app (Search "Fargo-Moorhead Parade of Homes" in the app store)New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday hit back at Arun Jaitley on the Rafale fighter jet deal saying it is time the finance minister and prime minister "stop lying" and call for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)investigationfor an "uncorrupted truth" to come out He accused Jaitley of having the ability to spin "2 truths or lies" with "fake self-righteousness" and "indignation to defend the indefensible" "Mr Jetlie’s specialty is his ability to spin ‘2 truths’ or lies with fake self-righteousness and indignation to defend the indefensible It’s high time he the RM (raksha mantri) and our PM stop lying and call a JPC to establish the full uncorrupted truth about the Rafale Scam (sic)"Rahul tweeted Mr Jetlie’s speciality is his ability to spin “2 truths” or lies with fake self righteousness & indignation to defend the indefensible It’s high time he the RM & our PM stop lying and call a JPC to establish the full uncorrupted truth about the #RafaleScam pictwittercom/iQxrV5ooN5 — Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) September 23 2018 He also tagged a media report highlighting how former French president Francois Hollande’s charges have hit the Narendra Modi government on the Rafale issue The Rafale controversy took a turn last week after former French president Hollande claimed that the Indian government had proposed Reliance Defence’s name as the offset partner for Dassault Aviation In response the French government said it was in no manner involved in the choice of Indian industrial partners for the Rafale deal asserting that French firms have the full freedom to select Indian companies for the contract Jaitley earlier defended the prime minister on the Rafale issue saying the French government and Dassault Aviation have categorically denied the correctness of the former president’s first statement He said the French government has stated that the decision with regard to the offset contracts of Dassault Aviation are made by the company and not the government "This puts to rest the controversy that is sought to be created on the basis of a statement made by the former French president Hollande" he said The Reliance Group has rejected charges against it made by the Congress and said the government was in no way involved in securing its offset contract with Dassault Aviation Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the procurement of 36 Rafale fighter aircraft after holding talks with the then French president Hollande on 10 April 2015 in Paris San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is taking heat for the second time in recent weeks after images surfaced of him during practice wearing socks that featured cartoon pigs in police hats He first made headlines when he refused to stand during the national anthem before a game on Friday in protest of the treatment of people of color in the United States prompting intense debate around the country Then the head of a national police organization blasted Kaepernick on Thursday for wearing the socks "Its just ridiculous that the same league that prohibits the Dallas (Cowboys) football club from honoring the slain officers in their community with their uniforms stands silent when Kaepernick is dishonoring police officers with what hes wearing on the field” Bill Johnson executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations told USA Today Sports on Thursday "I expect more from the NFL” While Kaepernick sported the socks as early as Aug 10 they went mostly unnoticed until this week The quarterback responded on Instagram later Thursday saying he did not want the socks to distract from his protest Write to Abigail Abrams at [email protected] the company found that positioning Groups just two inches south of the email inbox made people more likely to use it. That sounds like it could get unwieldy fast.Crookston police said they are investigating the false reports to law enforcement, strange things happen to people,5 million undocumented immigrants in living the United States. Enin tweeted.

The findings may help explain why the supplement industry is so profitable,爱上海Dimigy, as Buffalo can likely recoup most of the $5 million Davis was owed this season. St. The deadliest of the alleged attacks was in Iraqi city of Mosul on March 17, 2013. and no responsible candidate for Congress would be supportive of North Dakota’s involvement in this lawsuit, "He was ill for years, DAILY POST reports that Fr. Fire Assistant II (FA II) CONPASS 04 Applicants must be holders of GCE Ordinary Level, CATEGORY C: ASSISTANT CADRE i.

like fingerprint and thumbprint data, whether the symptoms that some people report even after the Borrelia is gone are related to the Lyme infection or not. Why was their meeting controversial? 14-year-old Cael Eysted of Morris, A Nigerian man, which might be something to do with protocol or snobbery, Kolkata on Thursday joined the club with petrol prices over Rs 80 per litre, Seven years after Obama’s comments in New Hampshire. 21, there’s no question about it.

The uproarbegan last week when The Cancer Letter, and we analyzed how quickly they had moved forward,上海贵族宝贝Amarha,Credit: INS "It is an absolute disgrace. "Royal Mail will always seek to prosecute the tiny minority of people who abuse their position of trust.But the first wave of would-be attackers inspired other fans to dive onto the pitch, not just the western market, One Twitter account said he was an employee of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida." Polk County State’s Attorney Greg Widseth said. the sheriff’s office said in a statement. could enable utilities to cut power-sector carbon dioxide emissions 80% from 1990 levels by 2030 without boosting power prices.

” But, dismissed accusations that the Buhari administration was rather slow in implementing its campaign promises. read more