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Graduate School of Design receives significant gift from Ronald M. Druker

first_img Read Full Story The Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) announced today that it has received a $15 million gift from Ronald M. Druker, Loeb Fellow ’76, and the Bertram A. and Ronald M. Druker Charitable Foundation. The gift provides the necessary seed funding for the GSD to launch an ambitious renewal and new building expansion of its main facility, Gund Hall, to support focused work in design innovation. In recognition of the gift — the largest made to date to the GSD’s current Grounded Visionaries campaign as well as the largest single gift from an individual in the school’s history — the GSD will name its primary exhibition gallery the Druker Design Gallery.Druker’s gift provides the foundation for the school’s effort to reimagine the role and ambitions of design education in the twenty-first century and in the context of a leading research university, beginning with the school’s physical plant. The success of the Grounded Visionaries campaign — the GSD’s portion of the university-wide Harvard Campaign — has put the school in a position to think openly and fundamentally about future practices of design pedagogy, their integration into research in the sciences and the arts, and their capacity to have an impact on practitioners working at all scales of the built environment.Toward that end, for the past several years, Druker has worked closely alongside Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean and Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design at the GSD, to help define and develop a strategy for the future spatial and facility needs of the school, taking into account the school’s increasing focus on design innovation. Druker’s gift will carry forward planning for a new building expansion of Gund Hall.The Druker Design Gallery features the work of faculty, students, and researchers and scholars from across the design fields. Located at Gund Hall, the gallery serves as a site for experimentation and explication of ideas and plays a fundamental role in the pedagogical life of the school. The gallery is open to the public, and has a long and rich history of exhibitions that engage the historical and contemporary conditions of design discourse across physical, digital, and spatial media.“I am delighted that this generous gift from Ron, one of the GSD’s most prominent, committed, and long-standing advocates and supporters, will provide resources crucial to helping us move forward our plans to build new, innovative spaces of research and learning,” said Mostafavi. “It is equally meaningful and fitting for the school to be able to name its primary exhibition space in his honor.”“For more than four decades, the GSD has played an integral role in both my professional and personal life. I’m pleased to have this opportunity to serve as a catalyst in creating the environment that fosters innovative design education,” said Druker. “This gift reflects my admiration and respect for the school, Dean Mostafavi, and his vision for the future.”Read more via the Graduate School of Design.last_img read more

Blood Moon Supermoon Incites Fears Of Natural Disasters September 27 & 28

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York September 27 & 28 mark a rare celestial event.First, it will be a full moon. Second, the moon will be in perigee—its closest proximity to Earth along its elliptical orbit. Third, the moon will be undergoing a total lunar eclipse, whereby it passes directly behind the Earth, cloaked in its shadow. The latter positioning will give the moon a blood-red tint, thus, the return of the ominous, so-called “Blood Moon.”NASA states the full perigee moon appears up to 14 percent larger and up to 30 percent brighter than when it is at its farthest Earth approach, called its apogee. Thus, this upcoming September 27 & 28 lunar phenomenon, dubbed a “SuperMoon” in the 1970s by astrologer Richard Nolle, will be bigger, brighter (before it dims and goes dark)—and blood red.Some believe Super Moons, such as this lunar giant photographed Oct. 8, 2014, foretell of natural disasters and even the Apocalypse. The rare Blood Moon Supermoon will return on Sept. 27 & 28, 2015, inciting similar fears. (WikiMedia Commons)This extraordinary cosmic convergence has once again sent intergalactic chills down the spines of countless Web surfers, Doom’s Day prophets and religious folk across the globe who fear its blood-curling horrifying hue and gigantic size are omens of great calamity and upheaval—even a bone-shivering signal of the Apocalypse. Such foreboding anguish and dread is not extraterrestrial (See what we did there? #SuperMoon #BloodMoon #powww) to such interstellar happenings. The March 19, 2011 SuperMoon—also a full moon at lunar perigee—incited fears across the globe of natural disasters and other worldwide catastrophes. (It came on the heels of the 9.0 undersea megathrust earthquake—known as the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami—which pulverized Japan and spawned devastating tsunamis that claimed more than 15,000 lives and caused nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.)Click Here For More Photos Of A SuperMoonNolle, who publishes astrological predictions on his website astropro.com, has much to say about this upcoming lunar leviathan. His “September 2015 Forecast” warns not just of the havoc caused by the impending lunar eclipse and SuperMoon, but also of untold solar and geophysical events resulting from a “Mercury Max”—“a phase in the Earth-Mercury-Sun relationship,” he explains, “when Mercury swings around from behind the Sun to catch up and pass the slower orbiting Earth. As it does this, Mercury draws closer and closer to our home planet, until it reaches its perigee… At this time, Earth, Mercury and the Sun are aligned with Mercury in the middle, passing between us and the Sun.”All these happenings equate into one hell of a month, according to Nolle. Among some of the mayhem, he predicts heightened risks of solar and geophysical storms, extreme tidal surges, and volcanic and seismic events. “September shapes up to be the biggest geophysical news story of the year: two eclipses (one of them a SuperMoon) plus a Mercury Max make for a lot of turbulence in Earth’s crust, seas, atmosphere and magnetosphere,” he foretells. “It all adds up to a huge potential for powerful storms and seismic activity; along with an increase in solar storms that heighten risks for breakdowns in electrical and electronic equipment—including the bioelectric field that is human consciousness. Sometimes the world can feel haywire and out of control. This month looks like one of those times.“Bringing up the rear this month is the September 28 total lunar eclipse full moon at 4°41’,” continues Nolle. “This one occurs just a couple days before the Sun’s inferior conjunction with Mercury, the anchor point of the current Mercury Max cycle. This points to a heightened risk of a solar storm outburst sometime between September 27 and October 1, which is more or less contiguous to the September 25-October 4 SuperMoon geophysical storm window. This very strongly suggests an unusual outbreak of strong storms and seismic activity (including volcanic eruptions) during this particular SuperMoon stress window.“Being astronomical in scale, a SuperMoon is at least potentially planet-wide in scope,” he continues. “Aside from the obvious targets—the coasts for extreme tidal surges, and known volcanic and seismic risk zones—the atmosphere gets a good SuperMoon stirring that can manifest as powerful storms packing high winds and heavy precipitation just about anywhere.“With this in mind, even though I don’t live anywhere near (nor plan to visit) any tidal basins, volcanoes or seismic hot spots during the September 25-October 4 SuperMoon shock window, I still plan to make sure the bottled water, canned and dried foods and other emergency supplies are ready to hand; just in case,” adds Nolle. “That said, it doesn’t take more than a cursory glance at an astro-locality map for the September 28 SuperMoon to recognize that this one is a complex snare of risk lines. This is due to the fact that so many planets join the Sun and Moon in making important configurations in the sky at this time.”Just as in 2011, NASA has taken to cyberspace to provide scientific data on this latest lunar flyby and perhaps quell some of the anxiety surrounding any alleged adverse effects the moon’s close proximity would render on Earth.On Aug. 31, NASA published an animated feature video about the rare rendezvous, which doesn’t make it seem all that frightening at all.Watch video here: On Sept. 1, Jane Houston Jones from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. published a post and podcast on nasa.gov about the Blood SuperMoon, too. [Listen To NASA’s Jane Houston Jones’ Blood Moon SuperMoon Podcast HERE] Her explanation counters Nolle’s assertion on his website that he coined “SuperMoon” decades ago, and also tones down the extraordinariness of the event. “On the evening of September 27th, observers in North and South America will see a long total lunar eclipse—lasting 72 minutes. This eclipse is also visible in Europe and Africa,” she explains. “It’s the night of the harvest moon—the full moon closest to the September equinox. “Sometimes a full moon is called a “supermoon”—a term coined just a few years ago,” she continues. “A supermoon is a new or full moon which occurs when the moon is at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.“There are four to six supermoons every year on average, so they’re not unusual,” adds Houston Jones. “You won’t really be able to see the difference between this full moon and any other one with your eyes. It’ll only be about 7 percent larger. The moon is 221,000 miles from Earth this month, as opposed to the average distance of 239,000 miles.” She and NASA’s assertions have done little to squash the fears of so many who fear the Blood-Red SuperMoon as an ominous harbinger of horror and dread, however. A Sept. 1 article in Christian Today titled “‘Blood Moon’ This September Could Be Biblical Sign Of Apocalypse, Pastors Say,” for example, begins by quoting the Bible:“In Acts 2:20, Peter the Apostle, warned of these signs of the Apocalypse: ‘The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.’“Similarly, Revelation 6:12 described the same Apocalyptic signs: ‘I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red,’” it continues.The article goes on to tell how two pastors—Mark Blitz and John Hagee—believe the Blood-Red Supermoon could be telltale signs of the potential oncoming Apocalypse, citing its timing as the last of the four so-called “Blood Moons” within the last 18 months, its close proximity to Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, and the increase in global seismic activity in recent years.One thing’s for sure, dear readers. The Sept. 27 & 28 “Blood Moon” “Supermoon” has captured the imaginations—and fears—of countless worldwide and will be a cosmic-lunar spectacular of epic proportions that viewers will remember long after its crimson hues fade back into the bright, white, familiar amber glow we Earthlings all know and love.last_img read more

Clippers’ Doc Rivers ‘talkin’ ’bout practice’

first_imgWith no national television audience.“Listen, the game’s big (Wednesday),” Rivers said. “But we need a practice more.”Ah, OK. To quote someone who also once found this topic incredulous, “We talkin’ about practice.”As head coach, Rivers naturally is more concerned about the big picture than a small snapshot, the Clippers convening Tuesday for just their second practice since the season began.That’s how crowded their schedule has been so far, a schedule that just saw the Clippers go five weeks without having more than one day off between games.Still, you’d think, having spent most of their lives playing basketball, these guys would have figured out the game by now. I mean, two points for a basket, one point for a free throw, etc.Of course, it’s not that easy, NBA teams needing practice in order to refine, retool and bond as a group. They’re not practicing to become better individually but rather better as one.“Sometimes, practices override the game,” Rivers explained before his team’s workout Tuesday. “So we’re going to practice hard and hopefully we have something (left) for (Wednesday). In the long run, it will be better for us.”That’s great. For the Clippers.But what about the rest of us? What about the fans? What about the short run, Doc?I’m thinking ESPN would prefer that the Clippers save some energy for the Warriors seeing how the network is paying $1.4 billion a year to televise this game and others just like it.“If we’re tired (against Golden State),” Rivers said, “we’re tired.”Just a guess here, but I suspect the Clippers will somehow find the jump for Golden State that was missing Sunday for Indiana, a game during which he Clippers went as flat as the Staples Center floor in losing 111-102.If they need motivation, they’ll be facing a team they haven’t beaten in almost two years. No kidding; it really has been that long.The Clippers have dropped six in a row to Golden State, their most recent victory coming on Christmas Day, 2014.Since then, the Warriors have won an NBA title, set a record for regular-season victories, lost another NBA Finals and acquired Durant, a move that was viewed as the rich not only getting richer but getting feloniously richer.The Clippers, on the other hand, have continued to win a bunch of regular season games, suffer terribly timed and placed injuries and disappoint in the playoffs.And yet…“We’re a confident group,” guard Jamal Crawford said. “We really are. After losing three in a row, I’m not sure a bunch of people gave us a chance going into Cleveland. We felt good about it the whole time.”The Clippers beat the Cavaliers on Thursday, 113-94, a game that featured little-used Alan Anderson helping make LeBron James look like, well, like little-used Alan Anderson.Against Golden State, the Clippers will face Klay Thompson just two days after his absurd 60-point effort in a 142-106 victory over the Pacers.Thompson made 13 2-pointers, eight 3-pointers and 10 free throws in only 29 minutes.According to reports, Thompson had the ball in his hands for only 88 seconds, dribbled just 11 times all game and was third on the team – behind Stephen Curry and Draymond Green – in touches.“That’s remarkable,” Rivers said, after referencing the 88-second stat. “It would take me five years of time to score that many points.”Thankfully for the Clippers, Rivers is their coach and not their shooting guard.Thankfully, too, this team should be fresher than it has been in awhile, given a day off Monday followed by a prized practice.That’s assuming Rivers didn’t push the Clippers too hard Tuesday and instead focused on tightening up their play, on dotting the i’s and closing the t’s, like the ink on Allen Iverson. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Yes, we will, we’ll dress up this game so extravagantly that there can be no denying that it is the most gigantic, most titanic, most volcanic basketball gathering that will be staged – ever.Or until the Clippers and Warriors meet next time.But get this: Doc Rivers suggested the more important gathering for the Clippers this week actually happened already, on Tuesday.At their training center.In front of zero fans.center_img PLAYA VISTA >> It isn’t just 1 of 82. Don’t be silly. It’s much more significant than that.Like 1 of 4, 1 of 4 precious meetings this season between the Clippers and Warriors, rivals whose dislike for one another dates to before Golden State was good enough to generate dislike throughout the rest of the league, as well.Even if the game Wednesday at Staples Center — the first between the teams this season and first since the Warriors added Kevin Durant — weren’t epic enough already, there was an absolute guarantee it would, like it or not, become epic.“Any time there’s hype … this is the most media I’ve seen before a game all season,” forward Blake Griffin said Tuesday. “So, obviously, you guys will make it that.”last_img read more