Australia: AGL Moves Forward With Plans to Close Liddell Coal Plant

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The Guardian:The energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, has called on AGL Energy to make a financial commitment to its transition plan after the company rejected a bid from Alinta for the ageing Liddell power plant, and confirmed it will shut the facility as planned in 2022.In a decision delivering a public rebuke to the government, which has strong-armed the company over many months to either sweat the New South Wales plant longer or sell it to a competitor, AGL said on Monday morning it had rejected the bid and will proceed with its commercial strategy “after careful consideration.”AGL Energy issued a statement to the ASX, saying the company’s board—which the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Frydenberg, had been lobbying—had determined Alinta’s offer was “not in the best interests of AGL or its shareholders”.“The offer significantly undervalues future cash flows to AGL of operating the Liddell power station until 2022 and the repurposing of the site thereafter,” the AGL statement said. “In considering the offer, AGL sought external expert advice on matters relevant to the offer, including the capital expenditure requirements across all plant components and the reliability and safety profile of the ageing power station.“Consequently, AGL has reaffirmed its decision to close Liddell in December 2022 and will continue progressing its NSW generation plan, which includes repurposing Liddell.”AGL has been signaling for some time it will close Liddell in 2022 and replace it with renewables, batteries, gas power, upgraded coal power and demand response. But with encouragement from the government, at the end of April, Alinta and its Hong Kong-based owner, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, made a $250 million bid for the power station and site.More: AGL Rejects Alinta’s Bid for Liddell Power Plant, Confirming Its Closure Australia: AGL Moves Forward With Plans to Close Liddell Coal Plantlast_img read more

Knoxville, Tenn.

first_imgKnoxville has always boasted a perfect location, along the Tennessee River in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Lately, it has focused on welcoming new trail systems within the city limits.“In the past decade, the outdoors has started to color the character of the city,” says lifelong East Tennessee resident Nick Waller of River Sports Outfitters. “Every year we’re getting more places to play within minutes from downtown.”In town, there’s plenty happening, between the University of Tennessee college scene and the bustling bars and restaurants in the Old City or Market Square. When a proper escape is calling, Knoxville sits an hour northwest of the vast Great Smoky Mountains National Park and an hour southeast from the more remote Big South Fork National Recreation Area.“You see plenty of Volunteer orange, but this city isn’t defined by the college,” adds Waller. “There’s plenty of culture, and the best part is I can be on any kind of water or trail that I want without spending a day in the car.”Waller’s Outdoor Picks:Best BackpackingThere’s obviously no shortage of great backpacking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But Waller likes to head to the underutilized Virgin Falls State Natural Area adjacent to the Centennial Wilderness Area. The area’s 10-mile backpacking loop has it all: waterfalls, caves, swimming holes, and isolated camping for a quiet night in the woods.Town Day HikeJust eight miles east of downtown, the 500-acre House Mountain Natural Area has four miles of trails for a fast urban escape. It features wildflowers, amazing views, two good lookouts, and some nice climbs.Trail Running by the RiverFor a fast local trail running fix, IC King Park in South Knoxville has approximately 10 miles of trails on the shores of the Tennessee River, less than 10 minutes from downtown.Singletrack FixMountain bikers head to Haw Ridge Park in Oak Ridge for nearly 20 miles of technical singletrack. The hard-working Appalachian Mountain Bike Club is also developing the new 15-mile Dirty South loop just five minutes from downtown, around the wooded sanctuaries of the Ijams Nature Center and the newly protected Ross Marble Natural Area.Big Water on the Little RiverJust outside of Townsend—30 minutes southeast of Knoxville—the Little River offers three sections for variable levels of whitewater action. Keep it mellow with the seven-mile class II-III upper stretch from Elkmont Bridge to the Sinks—a popular swimming area with deep gorge-shrouded pools. You can also try the wild class III-IV action on the Sinks to Elbow middle section.last_img read more

Fallout 76: Real Life West Virginia Locations in the Apocalypse

first_imgThe largest and most anticipated chapter in the Fallout video game series takes place in West Virginia, featuring real-world locations.I know, we’re talking about video games on Blue Ridge Outdoors. It’s definitely not our bread-and-butter. We preach #gooutsideandplay, not #stayinsideandplayvideogames, but when a series like Fallout bases their largest and most anticipated game of the franchise in West Virginia, we pay attention.After watching the trailer for Fallout 76, it’s hard to miss the real-world landmarks featured in the game, many of which we’ve covered online and in the magazine. From iconic buildings to local folklore, the designers and developers at Bethesda have done an incredible job of incorporating West Virginia’s real-world charm into an apocalyptic wasteland. Morgantown, Harper’s Ferry, Charleston, and more all make their way into this groundbreaking game.New River GorgeThis iconic bridge is hard to mistake for anything else. While there may be a number of similar bridges in coal country, I’m pretty sure they drew inspiration from the most popular one in the state. We’ve written about hiking, biking, and fishing in New River Gorge, but never surviving there during an apocalypse. It will be interesting to see how the developers incorporated the surrounding mountains, wilderness, and of course, the New River into the game.greenbrier fallout 76The GreenbrierIronically, the Greenbrier sits above a Fallout-style bunker. Built in the 70’s by the U.S. Congress, the site was decommissioned after the Washington Post blew its cover in 1992. Now, the Greenbrier is an upscale resort located in Sulphur Springs, W.Va. They are a popular attraction, playing host to many major sporting events like golf and tennis championships.Mothman Fallout 76The MothmanIf you’re not from around the area, you probably haven’t heard of the Mothman from Point Pleasant. Reportedly seen from 1966-1967, the Mothman has become an infamous part of West Virginia folklore, similar to Bigfoot or the Skunk Ape. Did the developers of Fallout 76 draw inspiration from this urban legend? Seems a bit coincidental since they have a flying, man-like creature called a Scorchbeast in the video game’s trailer.Note: After watching the Fallout 76 Documentary, they mention the Mothman is an ever-evolving enemy throughout the game.Woodburn Hall Fallout 76Woodburn HallThis iconic building is part of the Woodburn Circle, a historic group of buildings in the downtown campus of West Virginia University. First known as University Hall, Woodburn Hall was constructed between 1874 and 1876 and is the largest of the circle’s buildings. The designers have added their own touch to the grounds by placing their mascot, Vault Boy, as a statue in front of the hall.West Virginia Capitol BuildingThe West Virginia Capitol BuildingLocated in Charleston, W.Va., the remnants of the state capitol building’s iconic dome are unmistakable in the game’s trailer. Officially listed as a location in the Fallout Wiki, there are several other Charleston-based landmarks that will be featured in the game. If you plan on visiting the states capitol building for real, don’t fear, it’s highly unlikely you’ll encounter any mutant creatures on the grounds.Cranberry Bog Fallout 76Cranberry Glades Botanical AreaWhile there isn’t any visual reference to the Cranberry Glades (yet) in the game, there is a zone in the game map named the Cranberry Bog. Part of the Monongahela National Forest, the real-life location is in the Eastern/Southeastern part of the state; very similar to the location of the zone from Fallout 76. You get a brief glimpse of “Watoga Estates” in the trailer. Watoga State Park, in real life, is the largest state park in West Virginia.coal power plants west virginia fallout 76Coal-Fired Power PlantsThis is coal country, right? I think it’s only fitting to see a couple silos dotting the landscape of West Virginia’s mountains. The Fort Martin Plant in Maidsville, W.Va. (pictured left), bears a strikingly similar resemblance to the power plant shown in the Fallout 76 trailer.While you may not be a gamer, or may not be a fan of the Fallout series, it’s still pretty cool to see the area we love as the landscape for one of the most anticipated games of the year. To get a more in-depth look at the thought process behind choosing West Virginia, check the official Making Of Fallout 76 Documentary.As a gamer myself, I can’t wait for this to come out. Living in the area has me especially excited to get out and explore a Blue Ridge Wasteland.Happy gaming nerds!Justin Forrest is an outdoor writer, fly fishing addict, and co-founder of Narrative North—based in Asheville, N.C. He posts pictures of cats and fishing on Instagram sometimes.last_img read more

Quick Hits: Border Walk

first_imgTwo women complete the first thru-hike of the U.S.-Mexico BorderClaire Wernstedt-Lynch was at work when her phone buzzed with a text message from her friend Tenny Ostrem. She assumed Tenny was discussing plans for their upcoming hike of the Continental Divide. But it wasn’t about the Continental Divide. “What about walking the border with Mexico?” Ostrem suggested.“My immediate reaction was, ‘Hell, no,’” Wernstedt-Lynch says. “But I started doing some research. Eventually I said, ‘Let’s talk about it. I’m not committing yet, but let’s talk about it’.”Less than a year later, Wernstedt-Lynch and Ostrem, from Maryland and Kentucky respectively, found themselves in San Diego’s International Friendship Park, with nearly 2,000 miles of hiking ahead of them. For six months, they would walk through some of the most misunderstood and rarely visited landscapes of the country, supported only by their legs, their wits, and the closest members of their friends and families. Their arrival in Boca Chica State Park, where the Rio Grande meets the Gulf of Mexico, marked the culmination of years of effort, and the completion of a project that few would even consider: the first thru-hike of the US-Mexico border.Wernstedt-Lynch and Ostrem met in 2013 on the Appalachian Trail, when an early start and a harsh winter created the perfect conditions for an enduring friendship. They continued to hike together and plan a few projects, but nothing like this.“So much of planning a big hike is about withdrawing from society and doing something internally,” Wernstedt-Lynch says. “And at that particular time, this withdrawal from society… it just didn’t feel like the right time to do that. So we were looking for a way to still pursue hiking, but use it to connect with society, rather than withdraw from it.”“It was really easy to be scared of what we didn’t know,” Ostrem explains. “And that was in combination with people in our lives telling us—begging us—not to do it because it would be too dangerous. Pretty much everyone thought of the border as a war-zone. It was definitely a formula for not only ‘Can we do this?’ but ‘Wow, should we do this?’”“And on top of that was the idea of our privilege,” Wernstedt-Lynch adds. “As American citizens, as white people, as women. It made it easier to move through that area without incident, but it also made us strangers to the area. And we really didn’t want to be visitors that just extracted something and left. We didn’t want to misunderstand an area because we weren’t from there. And because of all those things, we probably quit ten times over the course of this two-year project.”“I spent a lot of time in my life waiting because I was scared that what I’m thinking of doing may not be the best possible way to help,” says Wernstedt-Lynch. “It was time to just take a leap.”They didn’t have a set agenda; instead, they let the experiences shape their hike. They hitched a ride with a bus of farm workers in California. They carried water into the backcountry for a migrant water drop with the group Border Angels. More than once, Border Patrol stopped them. They found water wherever they could: gas station sinks, rusty cattle troughs, and even scum-coated potholes along dusty trails.They also helped folks with passports and visa applications and got to know the people in the counties throiugh which they passed.They took precautions to avoid run-ins with vigilantes or smugglers.They often hid their tent behind thickets of brush away from migrant trails. They avoided using flashlights at night. And each evening, they placed between their sleeping bags an air horn, pepper spray, a church key, two GPS devices with SOS buttons, and a flare gun to notify Border Patrol in the event of an emergency. They never needed to use any of them.Once, though, as they were setting up camp, Ostreem realized that she had left her phone a few miles back. When she ran back to retrieve it around dusk, she heard rocks tumble in the rubble above her. She froze. It was the first time she had been separated from Wernstedt-Lynch, and she could feel someone watching her.She continued running, found her phone, and on the way back, spotted the man hidden among the rocks: a migrant who appeared even more scared than she was. “He didn’t have an SOS button to press for help,” Ostrem remembers thinking. “It made me realize how safe and comfortable our hike was compared to his.”Stepping inside the shoes and lives of others became a much stronger mission than hiking, says Ostrem. They weren’t aiming for mileage but a deeper connection to the people and communities they met along the way.175 days after leaving San Diego, they reached the Gulf of Mexico and waded out into the water to celebrate. But the hike had never really been about the final destination.“It was about finding a way to make an issue personal to your own life,” says Wernstedt-Lynch. “We hope our pictures and stories can be tools in forging those connections.”They learned that the borderlands are far more complex than the media portrays them. They hope that their experiences will help reveal those complexities. They don’t think they understand immigration better than anyone else, but they do think that a culture of fear in the United States has led us to lump everyone crossing the border into one stereotype, rather than seeing them as individual refugees fleeing violence.They hope that the lack of violent incidents or encounters along their six-month trip can help deflate some of the fear surrounding the border.“Everywhere you haven’t been is a fiction,” Ostrem says. “We’re just trying to make this more real for ourselves and anyone else who is interested.” Visit Tenny and Claire’s website to read their daily blog, watch videos, and experience the hike for yourself.last_img read more

Experience Road Trip Enchantment…

first_img Matt Downer is known for his high-energy brand of old tunes while rotating through the fiddle, banjo, guitar and vocals. Amber Carrington has performed at the Grand Ole Opry after gaining her initial fame on “The Voice.” She is one of the show’s top five performers and has landed in the top 10 on iTunes charts. Tarryn Aimee Smith is an Americana singer-songwriter whose music is a unique blend of folk, bluegrass, jazz and country. She is based out of Nashville and plays several instruments during her performances. Highbeams is made up of brothers Adam and Ian Pendlington and bass player Stephen Quinn. The “adventure rock” trio have traveled across the country maintaining a busy tour schedule since 2013. Rock City Gardens is continuing its conservation partnership with Lula Lake Land Trust during this event and is committed to ongoing co-advocacy efforts with local community organizations. Insider tip: Buy a VIP annual pass for discounts on food and gifts, and unlimited admission for a full year from date of purchase, including Rock City’s award-winning Enchanted Garden of Lights – a spectacular wonderland of live entertainment, hot cocoa, over a million LED lights and Santa! Visit: After you’ve dined at Café 7, make your way down Fat Man’s Squeeze, through Rainbow Hall and snap a photo in front of the High Falls. The walk through Hall of the Mountain King leads you to Fairyland Caverns. This retro section of the trail colors each visit with glow-in-the-dark vintage whimsy. It’s no wonder guests have been visiting from all over the world since 1932. Stop at the Fudge Kitchen on your way out for a free sample of the housemade treat, pack up a few slices for the road in a Rock City birdhouse box! Leashed pets are always welcome. center_img Rock City Raptors shows hosted by Wings to Soar return for their 15th season. Their weekend shows feature rescued birds of prey. Meet a vulture, bald eagle and screech owl in these inspirational, interactive presentations. Watch a variety of birds fly overhead and enjoy up-close encounters with them after the shows at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. daily. On the weekends you can enjoy toe-tapping, live bluegrass, folk and country music during Rock City’s Summer Music Weekends. The event runs Memorial Day through Labor Day including daily June 28 – July 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., featuring live entertainment by The Old Time Traveler Matt Downer (daily), NBC’s The Voice Finalist Amber Carrington (Fridays), Tarryn Aimee Smith (Saturdays) and the Highbeams (Sundays).  Atop Lookout Mountain, Rock City Gardens features seasonal events with specialty foods, activities and entertainment. Wind your way through colossal rock formations, dare to pass over the Swing-A-Long Bridge and see seven states from iconic Lover’s Leap! Sip a fresh-squeezed lemonade as you look over the guide map to plan your adventure… Midway through your trek you’ll find Rock City’s full-service outdoor restaurant Café 7. Delicious new menu items are available every Thursday through Monday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 7 p.m. Discover southern cuisine with a modern twist with items like smoked brisket tacos, fried green tomatoes paired with pimento cheese and tomato jam, shrimp and cheese grits and the Sweet Home Alabama chicken sandwich. There’s a full wine and craft beer menu, a kids’ menu and a brand-new pet menu! Go to for the seasonal specials! last_img read more

Bears Bees + Brews: An Exciting Movement for Wildlife

first_imgWhen you think of black bears, what comes to mind for you?  Some may think of a large, wild creature raiding neighborhood trash cans while others may recall a charming sighting of a mama bear with her adorable cubs during a childhood camping trip.  Bears Bees + Brews Festival Local resident Roni Hidalgo moved to Asheville close to 5 years ago.  She soon became enamoured by the beautiful lush surroundings of Western North Carolina, but it was not long after her move that she noticed entire forests being cut down to make room for development.  This ignited a sense of urgency to get the community involved to help sustain the region’s biodiversity.   There is little doubt bears are amazing creatures.  They can walk around on two legs, communicate via scratching marks on trees, and eat what we eat. But did you know they are also of utmost importance to the environment?  Even the performers are lovers of nature, of our mountains, and wildlife. Tyler Ramsey, former lead guitarist of Band of Horses, will headline the festival along with Dave (an avid beekeeper) and Andrea of Cicada Rhythm and The Moon and You.  Bees and other pollinators are also necessary to maintain healthy ecosystems. It is estimated one third of the food we consume daily relies on pollinators.  Sadly, the bee population is declining due to the use of harmful pesticides. If the honeybee population were to disappear entirely, it would result in a serious impact on our health and nutrition.  To learn more visit or @bearsbeesbrews on Facebook and Instagram. The Black Bear is an apex predator, which is a kind of predator that is placed on top of the food chain.  This does not mean they are scary, dangerous beasts. In fact, they are very solitary animals. As an apex predator, black bears are vital to a healthy ecosystem, and healthy ecosystems are  important to a healthy society.  Why Are Bears + Bees Important?  “Collaborating with these organizations helps us in our mission to educate the community,” Hidalgo says. center_img The culmination of this year’s work for Bears Bees + Brews will take place at a free wildlife conservation festival on Saturday, October 19, from 12-5pm at New Belgium Brewery.  Attending this family-friendly festival is a great way to show your support for wildlife and habitat conservation and their efforts.  Every organization, business and volunteer involved recognize how important it is to create a conservation celebration in Asheville and Western North Carolina right now.  She founded Bears Bees + Brews, a project that seeks to inspire people and raise awareness about wildlife conservation in a fun, exciting and interactive way.   “Raising awareness is key,” Hidalgo says. “But doing it in fun, inspiring ways will help people interpret and digest information more effectively and want to share it with others.”  Bears Bees + Brews produces festivals and events to create a safe space for friends and families to have fun while having access to policy makers and wildlife experts to learn more about sustaining wildlife, habitat and lands. The project collaborates with other organizations such as Wildlands Network, Center for Honeybee Research and NPCA. For residents of Western North Carolina, bear sightings are quite common throughout the region. In fact, it is estimated that 100 to 200 black bears live among Asheville’s population of 90,000 people.  Oftentimes, bears show up in our neighborhoods in search of food because their natural habitats are being threatened by the increase in urban development. Most negative bear encounters can be prevented with the right education, a mission that one Asheville resident took upon herself to fulfill.   A Movement for Wildlife Conservation last_img read more

Honoring Salvadorian Soldiers Who Served In Iraq

first_imgBy Dialogo February 24, 2009 Salvadorian government announced the celebration next Saturday of a “patriotic ‎holiday”, in honor of more than 3,700 soldiers who served in Iraq between August ‎‎2003 and last December, to be divided into eleven groups. ‎ The Minister of Interior, Juan Miguel Bolanos, told the news conference that the ‎event, which will be attended by President Elías Antonio Saca, will begin around ‎‎09:00 local time (15.00 GMT) at the “Jorge Magico Gonzalez” stadium, in San ‎Salvador, and huge crowds are expected. ‎ According to the Deputy Minister of Defense and Public Safety, Admiral Marco ‎Antonio Palacios, the ceremony will be “an act of gratitude to over 3,700 soldiers” ‎who engaged in humanitarian work to “alleviate the suffering of thousands of ‎people who are fighting to strengthen the democracy.”‎ Saca will grant awards to the XI Contingent of Cuscatlan Battalion, which is ‎composed of 200 soldiers who returned home last February 7, after working in ‎Iraq and the assistance program offered by El Salvador to the Arab nation for six months till December 31, 2008.‎ Then, the President will honor all the participants of the mission, which began in ‎August 2003 with the deployment of 360 participants. ‎ From the second to the ninth contingents the groups grew to 380 members, the ‎tenth was down to 300 and the last to 200, all assigned to work for a semester in ‎humanitarian and reconstruction work in Iraq. ‎ Some of the personnel redeployed with the military groups to Iraq several times. ‎ Cuscatlan Battalion, formed by personnel specialized in various areas, lost five of ‎their members and about twenty of them were injured during their missions to ‎Iraq, mostly by the explosions of handmade roadside bombs. ‎ The XI Contingent left for Iraq in August 2008 under the command of Colonel ‎César Adonai Acosta Bonilla and developed their work at Camp Delta, in the city ‎of Al Kut, a province of Wasit. ‎ The Deputy Minister of Defense said, that the forthcoming February 28 ‎celebration ” is a civic event, where our youth must be represented because that ‎were young Salvadoran soldiers who were representing democracy, freedom and ‎peace” in Iraq. ‎ Social organizations and the Catholic Church have repeatedly expressed their ‎opposition to sending Salvadoran troops to Iraq in support of the coalition of ‎nations led by the United States. ‎last_img read more

Dunga: “Whether Ronaldinho Gaúcho Goes To The World Cup Or Not Depends On Him”

first_imgBy Dialogo November 10, 2009 ronaldinho has been the best player ever,the question of whether he is out of form or not, does not matter.what matters is that he still can play & has the ability,that is:(if you watch serie A games)so,coach Dunga please let the soccer wizard play.I”ve watched most of his games & so i can foresee the wonders he will do in the 2010 world cup. Please mr dunga we love brazill. It will be very unfortunate and uncalled for if Ronadinho will not be part of the team for reasons that are best know to a few. The young man is still good. Let us not discourage players. Whe you are going for war am sure you equip youself with different weapons. So ronadinho is one of the weapons for the 2010 dunga please let the guy play because he is still good juss witness him at AC MILAN and he is better than RAMIRES dunga please take ronaldinho……..he s getting hid touch and i am sure he s going to be the of worldcup…… please make ronaldinho play world cup 2010………please i m begging u….plz plz plz plz plz please mr dunga, try not to make the fans of ronaldinho sad, we fans would love to see him in 2010 world cup, i have been one of his fans since for a long time and i havent missed even a sigle match of his, i really enjoy watching his play and i think he still deserve world player, he is still a weapon for 2010’s world cup. Whether or not Ronaldinho Gaúcho will be included on the Brazilian team that will play for the World Cup in 2010 “depends only on him,” coach Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri “Dunga” affirmed in an interviewed published by the magazine Istoé. Ronaldinho “is a distinguished player,” but whether or not he is tapped again for the team and even for the South African World Cup “will depend on him” and on his results playing for Milan in Italy, the Brazilian coach explained. According to Dunga, the former forward for Barcelona “is a very distinguished player,” but this is not enough to be on his team. “I want to have the best, but selection for our team is no longer an exclusively technical question. It’s also a question of competitiveness and commitment,” noted the coach, who nevertheless acknowledged that he “thinks about” Ronaldinho when he imagines the team for the World Cup. Dunga’s words can be interpreted as a reply to the twenty-nine-year-old player, who said this week that he wants to play in the South African World Cup, which could be the last one of his career. “I want to go to the World Cup. I have a great relationship with Dunga. But it’s better not to think about it because it’s a waste of energy. I’m only going to concentrate on the present,” Ronaldinho explained. With regard to his own future, Dunga told Istoé that it is not something that worries him at the moment, since he is thinking only about the World Cup. “Being the team’s coach makes me very happy; it fills me with pride and satisfaction,” declared the coach, who nevertheless said that once the South African World Cup is over, he intends “to leave and give someone else the opportunity.” With regard to the possibility of his team winning its sixth World Cup title, he did not hide the fact that “Brazil is always a favorite,” but he noted that in order to win, “it’s necessary to work and to work a lot.”last_img read more

Honduran President And Military Agree To Reinforce Fight Against Drug Trafficking

first_img “The president of the Republic is very well disposed toward helping the armed forces so that we can move forward,” the high-ranking military officer emphasized. Honduran president Porfirio Lobo and the high command of the armed forces agreed to strengthen the fight against drug trafficking in light of the increase in this criminal activity, official sources announced. “We have received the administration’s support for our already-existing programs because we are worried about problems like drug trafficking,” the inspector-general of the Air Force, Ruiz Pastor Landa, told the press upon leaving a meeting held at the President’s House. By Dialogo February 18, 2010 I wish the guerilla fighters would understand that the Colombian people do not want them, and that they would stop making such a mess. If they want to seize power they should do it electorally. In reality they are a bunch of cowards that attack defenseless settlements. I congratulate the President of Colombia for taking a serious attitude towards the street trash that call themselves guerrillas, those who want easy money, mistreating the long suffering people of Colombia. Burn them, Colombian Army. Salutations The military commanders were led by the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Romeo Vásquez. center_img Landa said that the members of the armed forces expressed to the president their concerns about the increase in drug-trafficking activity in the country and asked for support to install radar equipment in order to detect the clandestine flights of “narco-planes.” A total of forty-nine small planes landed and were then burned or suffered accidents in different regions of Honduras last year, and on Tuesday an airstrip used by drug traffickers was discovered in the La Masica region of Atlántida department, about 500 km north of the capital. About seven tons of illegal drugs were seized last year by the combined forces of Honduras and the United States, but the U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa estimates that about one hundred tons of drugs pass through Honduran territory, waters, or airspace annually on the way from South to North America.last_img read more

Two French Warships Visit The Panama Canal

first_imgBy Dialogo March 01, 2010 Two French warships arrived in Panama on Friday to pass through the interoceanic canal on a training voyage for cadets from the French Naval Academy, diplomats announced. The helicopter carrier Jeanne d’Arc and the frigate Courbet have been on a voyage around the world since December with more than a hundred cadets enrolled in the French Naval Academy. They plan to pass through the Canal on Saturday, Jean-François Bazin, chargé-d’affaires at the French embassy in Panama, told AFP. During the short visit, cadets from different countries will exchange information about defense, piracy, the fight against drug trafficking, and illegal fishing, as part of the professional training of the future officers of the French navy. The two ships left Brest (France) on 2 December to visit Morocco, Senegal, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Panama, Colombia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, the United States, Canada, St. Pierre and Miquelon (a French overseas territory in the Atlantic, near Canada), Germany, and Belgium, before returning to Brest on 27 May. The Jeanne d’Arc, which carries 586 marines on board, including 103 French cadets, in addition to other students from the Netherlands, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cameroon, Togo, Brazil, Spain, and Belgium, has taken part in multiple humanitarian missions and in the fight against piracy, forming part of the European ATALANTA deployment in the Indian Ocean in 2009. Nevertheless, this will be the last voyage for the Jeanne d’Arc, which has sailed 3.3 million kilometers (nine times the distance between the earth and the moon) since 1964. The Jeanne d’Arc is accompanied by the frigate Courbet, 125 meters in length, with more than 150 personnel on board, between officers and sailors.last_img read more