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Xining 2014 government work report for comments

the morning of December 24th, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the 2014 "government work report" comments forum, invited the Xining Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC members, representatives of the public and the parties representatives, comments on recommendations. Participants around the "report" of the main content, theme extraction and layout, structure, speak freely proposed each one airs his own views, many valuable comments and suggestions.

participants agreed that the 2013 Xining municipal government work to overcome the pressures and difficulties in economic development, improve people’s livelihood, city function and image promotion etc., have made remarkable achievements, worthy of a lot. The work of 2014 has new ideas, new ideas, new concepts. At the same time, the participants on their concern, straight from the heart, encourage the free airing of views put forward opinions and suggestions.

Wang Yubo said, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the delegates, very enlightening, the government will fully study and absorb the constructive opinions and suggestions to further revise and improve the good "government work report", in order to become fully reflect public opinion, expression of feelings, good report expressed people of new expectations.



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