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Qinghai economy in action the waste tongue is shameful

February 4th in the afternoon, who lives in Xining Tongren Road, No. ten, Yan’s sister is busy cleaning the hall. How about the snake spring festival, sister smiled and said: "this year, our family who are striving family. Cd!"

asks why, sister talking: there is a saying, not good for small. Although this is a simple sentence, but the implication is a lot of. We also want to start from the side of the little things, in the end, will be able to make the side of the "small" and become "big"".

In the life of

Yan sister optimistic, enthusiastic and concerned about national affairs, she said, he learned from the Internet a year nationwide public funds spending reached 300 billion yuan, there are some people living a glamorous life, they spend money like water to waste food, what kind of situation? Look at the hotel swill bucket "rich" dishes, these people will have no sense of shame?

is Yan sister brushs glass kitchen stopped, to reporters about a little story she saw on the Internet: three Chinese dining in a British restaurant, checked out on the table, many debris, left, when they leave the table, the table is an old neighbor she found, reported to the police, three haven’t walked out of the door, two police stopped them, pointing to the table leftovers that you waste, a fine of 100 euros. Three think impassability, food money we paid, this is our private affairs. Police said that the meal is a social wealth, we should cherish, no one has the right to waste.

she said a little deep, think of our country there are so many poor people, some specific social groups, the waste of the tongue, is really worthy of their tongue, but I’m sorry their conscience ah. If only the satisfaction and the pursuit of appetite and forget the social responsibility, such a waste of food, not only "terrorist", but also a blatant crime". (author: Lan Xintian)



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