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The province issued the opinions to further accelerate the process of well off people with disabilit

In October 7th, the provincial government issued the "on further accelerating the process of the well-off implementation opinions" came into force, in accordance with the opinions, the province will accelerate the process of well-off people with disabilities, and the province of the province’s 300 thousand disabled people, will move towards a higher level of well-off society.

"opinions" put forward, to 2020, the basic rights protection system for the disabled and improve the rural and pastoral areas; poor people out of poverty; willing and full employment of urban disabled people have the ability to work; the disabled to achieve full coverage of social insurance; for all disabled enjoy medical treatment and rehabilitation services for disabled children; "the popularization of compulsory education; comprehensive to complete the rural poor families of disabled stock reconstruction task.

"opinions" stressed that in the accelerating process of our province disabled well-off process, from the increase of disabled social relief efforts, establish and improve the welfare system, help the disabled disabled persons to participate in the 5 aspects of basic endowment insurance and basic medical insurance, increase poverty alleviation and development of disabled, give priority to the protection of disabled people in urban and rural areas to ensure basic housing and other basic disabled life. From the strengthening of the work of people with disabilities to focus on employment, support for the disabled in a variety of forms of employment, and strengthen employment services for the disabled and other aspects of the 3 aspects of the increase in employment support for people with disabilities.

"opinions" requirements, accelerate the process of our province disabled well-off process, but also to do well for the rehabilitation of the disabled medical services, education, work ability, service disabled disabled people to improve the use of social forces and the role of the market mechanism, strengthen the work of persons with disabilities the leadership of 5 aspects of the work.  


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