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Ministerial meeting of the province’s organization

recently, the Ministerial Conference held in Xining province. Provincial Party committee, organization department minister Hu Changsheng attended and spoke.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that last year the organization departments at all levels to implement the party to manage the party strictly policy, conscientiously carry out the party ruling officials, build a strong fortress of political responsibility, around the central task, pay close attention to the main industry, precise measures and policies, the successful completion of various tasks. He stressed that this year, the organization should further focus on the main responsibility for the main industry, strengthen the play as, to achieve the four changes, the construction of a rich and civilized harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai to provide a strong organizational guarantee. To meet the party’s nineteen big victory held the main line, focus on ningxinjuli efforts; use "the two one" study and education of the carrier, focus on normal long-term efforts; highlight the political life of the party "criterion" landing this focus, focus on the tight efforts focus on the key; to enhance the scientific level of cadre work, focus on accurate scientific personnel selection work; improve the management and supervision of cadres often focus on this mechanism, strict management and strict governance efforts; strictly implement a comprehensive extension of the requirements to the grassroots efforts in strengthening grassroots efforts; strengthen the first resource to drive this the concept of priority, focus on efforts to Yucai talents.

Hu Changsheng asked the organization departments at all levels should strictly from a solid grasp of "implementation", in-depth primary research, compaction responsibility skilfulness, for the construction of the "three home" to the Qinghai group of high spirited spirit, promote the organization continuously upgrade shanxi.



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