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Efforts to achieve a good start in the development of social economy in 13th Five Year

Even Japan, on behalf of the National People’s Congress, I attended the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress, carefully considered the premier Li Keqiang made the "government work report", said, "NPC and CPPCC will thoroughly implement the national spirit, innovation, work hard, make strategic deployment into practical action, the blueprint of transformation for the development of reality, and strive to achieve a good start" 13th Five-Year "economic and social development.

"economic and social development into a steady, stable and have a good, mainly to complete the annual goals and tasks, the reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction has made new achievements." Summary of the report on the work of the past year, deeply inspired by the province’s representative.

we believe that the "report" a comprehensive summary of the achievements of the past year and "12th Five-Year" period, in-depth analysis of the problems, difficulties and challenges, expounded the main target of 13th Five-Year "period tasks, major initiatives and principles, clearly put forward the main targets for this year, the focus of development and specific work the report is a good measure, seeking truth from facts, boost confidence, full of hope, people-oriented, we fully agree.

delegates that the "report" reflects the outstanding achievements in the development of our country, inspiring and inspiring; vividly depicts a blueprint for building a well-off society of the comprehensive, focused goals, overall; fully embodies the idea of our party people, cut off the livelihood of the people, down to earth; clearly expounded well this year the government policy initiatives, face the problem, comprehensive measures.

delegates believe that over the past five years, China’s economic and social development has made remarkable achievements, this is the general secretary of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the result, is the people of all ethnic groups to overcome difficulties, forge ahead of the results, more firm road confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system. "12th Five-Year" period, Qinghai’s economic and social development on the "four major steps" to achieve the "big breakthrough", some of which are in the western and even the forefront of the country, remarkable achievements in the three. These results are extremely complex in severe international environment, is made in the highlights, the deep-seated contradictions of domestic economic downward pressure, is achieved in the high base of economy of more than 60 trillion yuan on not easily won.

delegates believe that this year is a comprehensive well-off society, the decisive stage in implementing the "13th Five-Year plan" at the beginning of the year, but also to promote the supply side structural reforms crucial year. We must resolutely implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council decision on the deployment, resolves the difficulties, to do a good job, to ensure the completion of the task. We must firmly grasp the Party Central Committee and the State Council requirements, scientific planning of "13th Five-Year" development goals, clear tasks, detailed measures for implementation, to ensure that the "13th Five-Year" make a good beginning. For "13th Five-Year", to firmly establish the new concept of development, around the provincial Party committee to determine the "131" General requirements, to protect the ecological priority coordination to promote economic and social development, and strive to build Qinghai more harmonious and beautiful, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China a good dream chapter in Qinghai. < /;


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