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Building Leisure corridor Xining Nanshan 42 green area will become a scenic spot

January 5th from Nanshan green headquarters office, from the beginning of this year, Xining will gradually put the annual Nanshan slope before the existing 42 green area construction has become a scenic spot, then 42 different characteristics, different functions and the scenic Forest Park, Huangshui Red Valley Ecological Leisure Park and other 6 scenic spots by the Nanshan 118 complement each other. Km road together, together to form a big Nanshan leisure corridor.

according to the current plan, the city will use 5 – 10 years, will be built into a large Nanshan green barriers to a good landscape, facilities, traffic is reasonable, beautiful scenery of the Nanshan scenic area. Green ecological barrier Nanshan project planning in the 6 major scenic spots, has been opened in the Huangshui Forest Park, Tibetan Plateau wild zoo, Pu Park, Pu Ning Ning friendly Zhizhu tower four spots, red valley ecological leisure park project construction of the main project will be fully launched this year, construction of nine eco tourism park in spring has been implemented by the East District government.

2010 is the second phase of the implementation of the project, the project will be combined with the construction of the first phase of the project, the construction of the green area will gradually become a scenic spot of the two phase of the project. In order to have the unique characteristics of the scenic spots, the city’s forestry sector has commissioned a professional planning institute planning and design, plans to use 5 years to complete the construction of the 42 scenic spots. By then, the big Nanshan will become a good place for people to relax.



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