Do business frequently tally shop

In fact,

shop also like our home, the need from time to time up, otherwise it is easy to become a mess of goods, it is not attractive to customers. The shop at the beginning, because there is no experience, no matter how many cigarettes into the purchase, as long as there is a place on the shelf, just to get piled up altogether, a lot of goods shelves out of order, you have me, I have you, even do not know whether there is a cigarette, where specific goods. As a result, both customer complaints and business, all day in the face of a mess of shelves, it is very big.

later by customer manager guidance, friends and colleagues to communicate, learn a lot of skills tally. Originally, before and after the goods placed under a doorway, cigarette swing stress amplification.

by referring to other shops goods pictures, learn and communicate with colleagues learned, I use a night, to store the goods rearranged again, every one of the cigarette out one to two samples were placed in a fixed position on the shelf, the extra goods be arranged is concentrated in cigarette box inside, and label, easy to find their own.

didn’t think a night of hard work, let my shop has changed dramatically, the shop became neat, on the shelves of cigarettes at a glance, not only oneself look fresh, the customer is also full of praise.


caught the tally of the link, have more understanding of my goods store, can hold the sales of all kinds of goods, convenient purchase.

tasted the sweetness of the tally, but also to tally a habit, constantly sum up experience and scientific tally in the actual operation, so that the business is getting better. There are some harvest, to share with friends:

first, people often goods not lazy, you do not tally, the goods must learn to ignore you, at any time to store their goods tally, be aware of.

second, customers tend to look at a shopping than two, so when you need to put the product in mind. For example, because at any time tally, so fast to the shelf life of the food will be well known, these goods can be placed in the outside promotion, people can see, timely sales; on the shelf is to put some of the main promotional products, so that customers can see a door to facilitate promotion; people live off some goods can not, can be placed in position on the inside.

third, careful observation is not difficult to find, most customers will choose the goods will focus on the head can see on the shelves, and mostly from these shelves take goods. Most people are right-handed, so I always love to take the right things, items and some larger profit to the clearance of the goods can be placed in these positions. < >


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