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Our province flexible ntroduction approach Zhaocaiyinzhi

to speed up the implementation of talent strategy, innovation talent introduction mechanism, broaden the channels for talent introduction, combined with the actual situation in the province, the province formulated the "Qinghai province has flexible employment implementation measures", "supporting high-end innovative talents Qianren" policy, in order to better talents and wisdom to create a good exchange of Qinghai the environment.

Nine types of flexible employment of

has flexible employment is my employing units in the province (China) does not change the premise of foreign talent, personnel archives, household registration, social security and other relations, the province attracted (China) International Talent (team) through mentoring, part-time service, "migrant" employment, project bidding, joint research, achievements, special service, cooperation and exchange, and identified by the other flexible employment, provide for the economic and social development of our province’s intelligence service.

priority to introduce six types of talent

was selected as "the central contact of the national expert information database" experts. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, chief scientist of national key disciplines, key laboratories and engineering technology research center. National people plan candidates, people plan candidates, the Ministry of science and technology to promote creative talents program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, candidates for the "Hundred Talents Program" for the Ministry of education, "Cheung Kong scholars and national teacher, famous cultural and a group of four people, the national young experts with outstanding contributions and the winners of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation," millions of Talents Project National candidate, national outstanding professional and technical personnel, enjoy special government allowances, etc. experts Chinese skills award national honors or awards winners. Once in the domestic and foreign famous universities and research institutes, famous enterprises, financial institutions, medical institutions and high-end technical leadership positions or think-tank engaged in teaching, scientific research and management of academic technology leaders and outstanding talents. Our province is in urgent need of the shortage of professionals in the field of foreign students to return to the high level of professional and technical personnel and business management personnel in the key areas of economic and social development, such as the advantages, characteristics, high-tech industries, etc..

a number of incentives to treat

flexible talents can meet the conditions to declare the "high-end innovative talents people plan, and enjoy the same treatment in our province science and technology projects, technological achievements, kindergarten children, basic education, etc.. Flexible talents to the technical achievements and invention patents and joint ventures in the province of enterprises, cooperation, knowledge, technology, achievements, patents and other factors can be priced shares, to participate in the distribution of income.

flexible talents (excluding selected "high-end innovative talents thousand person plan") in the youth service after the expiration of the employer to organize experts to conduct performance evaluation, make a significant contribution to the economic and social development in Qinghai and have an important impact, the employer may apply to the performance of a subsidy of 20 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan.



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