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North of the city to carry out environmental education activities

in order to further improve the environmental awareness and moral level of the whole society, laws and regulations and the focus of environmental protection publicity, north of the city area with the construction of ecological civilization as the goal, to build livable district as the carrier, to raise public awareness of the environment as the focus, to carry out the national environmental publicity and education activities. First, focus on building ecological civilization, sharing Green North theme. To promote the environmental protection laws and regulations and the environmental protection center, vigorously promote green consumption, green lifestyle, improve public awareness of the environment and participate in environmental protection consciousness. Actively promote the construction of ecological civilization, promote the harmony between man and nature, and promote the rapid, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development. Two is to carry out various forms of environmental protection volunteer activities. Organization of environmental protection volunteers into the community, campus, attractions and other public places to promote environmental protection, to eliminate white pollution, forests and beautify the city, low carbon energy saving environmental protection practice, organized the "green creative (Design) competition", "environmental protection Zhishijingda" and other activities. Three is to actively carry out environmental protection supervision. The act of destroying the environment in a timely manner to stop and give reasonable solutions and recommendations, on the website set up exposure platform for pollution areas, rivers and destruction of the environment and other acts of exposure, the implementation of public oversight.



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