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Xining efforts to build a linkage mechanism with the provincial financial regulatory authorities

linkage system, construction of the provincial government and the financial supervision department recently, municipal government financial assistant, city finance office responsible person Feng Cunliang has visited the provincial insurance regulatory bureau, the provincial securities regulatory bureau, the provincial banking regulatory bureau and Xining Central Branch of people’s bank. The regulatory authorities will actively support the Xining finance office, work together to achieve the financial sector and the economic and social development of Xining. And the future cooperation matters were discussed and reached a consensus.

first, join forces to do a good job in financial services. One is to implement the national policy in the establishment of Inclusive Finance major towns, the city of Huangyuan, Huangzhong, Datong County three and improve the banking financial institutions, the banking regulatory bureau can give support in the Department for examination and approval, the government can in place of business, security, policy and other aspects of support; two is the government administrative functions, bank financing and settlement the function, together with the financial emergencies, to resolve non-performing assets; the three is to further improve the guarantee system of small and medium-sized enterprises, solve the difficult problem of SME loans, and carry out the enterprise management personnel training, improve the management level of the enterprise; the four is to strengthen the credit construction, and create a good financial ecological environment.
two, the common good of capital market financing. One is the active use of the "new three" equity transfer platform of small and medium sized enterprises preferential policies, the relevant enterprises in our city high-tech park has the potential to integrate and cultivate, as soon as possible into the platform trading system; two is to cultivate the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city to market conditions, to promote high-quality large and medium-sized enterprises listed on the A board the formation of market, listing three is the establishment of reserve echelon; to foster a number of listed companies, securities market direct financing of the reserve enterprise.
three, improve matters reporting system. One is the implementation of a regular reporting system, the provincial government held a quarter of the financial analysis, or the municipal government held a special economic and financial work will notify each other with the relevant financial regulatory authorities and financial institutions, and major issues and key work for discussion and communication. Two is the implementation of a special notification system, the major problems found in the work, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, sub topics to the regulatory authorities and the government finance office bulletin, to enhance the level of expansion.   three is the implementation of documents, information delivery system, each copy of important documents, mutual economic and financial information provided by the Xining region, sharing financial information resources.
four, to carry out financial assistance system. The government financial services and financial supervision are different, each director, organic combination of the two can play the government’s financial services involving a wide range of advantages, increase the intensity of financing extended service enterprises and projects, and can use the financial regulatory departments professional perspective and technical means, and analysis of financial risks in a timely manner to reveal. Work, the city finance office on the one hand to strengthen communication with the three lines of communication, dynamic analysis of the city’s overall financial situation and the development trend of the industry to improve the relevance of the work. On the other hand, the initiative to invite the three lines of leadership and experts for the financial office of the comrades to explain the topic of financial business knowledge, improve business skills.



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