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Xining Evening News 4 fund raising activities to raise donations of more than 100 thousand yuan

April 10th, Xining evening news and Xining volunteers group and the United Provinces of the Red Cross sponsored the arid region, we act together "large-scale fund-raising activities held in the central square, this is the Xining evening news joint Red Cross fourth fund-raising activities sponsored, before and after the 4 fundraisers to raise money for a total of more than 100 thousand yuan in goods.

Xining evening news and the Xining volunteer group launched "love in arid areas, since we act together" large-scale fund-raising activities, respectively in the central square and sunning Plaza held a total of 4 large donations, sale of tens of thousands of "Xining evening news". The activities of the summer love relay group, Xining bus group home, Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai national volunteers volunteer university volunteers in Jiangsu, Peixian, Xining middle school and the general public and enterprises enthusiastic support, in April 10th, from the North Shaanxi "flower" player Fang Xiaofei also came to the scene for the masses to sing and charity donations 200 yuan. In addition, some colleges and universities in our province and the community singers also went to the scene to charity, to raise money for the areas of condensed more power. In several activities, volunteers to charity "Xining Evening News" the scene is moving, whether in sunny or windy weather, they are at the stage of moving love relay, with their workers, are the major college students, and students.

more than 10 yuan of money and supplies, reflects the summer people of Xining arid areas of infinite love, but also embodies the volunteers for their hard work and dedication. In April 9th, the activities of donations to more than 10000 bottles of "love water" truck starting from Xining to Guizhou and other arid regions, through donations to the Red Cross in succession to arid regions, giving practical help for the areas of people, let them through.



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