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Qinghai more than 350 kinds of agricultural and livestock products unveiled the fourteenth session o

11 on the morning of 5, CO sponsored by the Ministry of agriculture and the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government of the fourteenth session of Chinese international agricultural products trade fair, Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center in the blue skies of the beautiful spring held. It covers the latest achievements of the development of our province characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry of yak and Tibetan sheep and Tibetan medicine, black garlic and selenium enriched yak dairy, quinoa grains, rape nectar, cold water fish crab seven series, special and excellent products debut agricultural fair. Han Changfu, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, accompanied by the Minister of agriculture, Yunnan provincial Party committee secretary, governor of the province visited the exhibition hall, accompanied by Moses Chan.

the "three rural" work occupies a prominent position in our province economic society in recent years, in accordance with the general requirements of the Qinghai provincial Party committee put forward the "leapfrog development, green development, harmonious development, balanced development, transformation of agriculture and animal husbandry development, the development of modern agriculture and animal husbandry plateau characteristics thriving, the province has formed the advantage industry of beef and mutton, rape, potato, beans, barley, Tibetan medicine, fodder, plush and other characteristics of the ten, out of the development of a plateau characteristic, the characteristics of Qinghai agriculture and animal husbandry of the road. Grasp quality, tree brand has become a booster of the development of agriculture and animal husbandry public brand and the income increase of farmers and agricultural animal husbandry efficiency, effective use of the "three one" logo products of the province has reached 470, the scale of production reached 3 million 679 thousand and 700 hectares, the annual output of 1 million 720 thousand tons, with an annual output of 1 billion 376 million yuan.

the current agricultural fair in our province hall changes the traditional container type display, using the cone circular display mode, comprehensive display of the circulation of highland agricultural development concept. Exhibition hall using pictures, schematics, physical, intuitive show the results of the integration of the development of the 123 industry. Exhibition hall in the design of the use of snow capped mountains, Qinghai Lake, Sanjiang, and other sources to enhance the artistic atmosphere and beauty, highlighting the regional characteristics of Qinghai, ethnic customs.

"the agricultural fair, we use vector to create outstanding brand exhibition, Qinghai plateau characteristics, characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry, achievement exhibition, agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural and livestock products trade exchanges and cooperation as the main content, comprehensive exhibition hall, exhibition hall, a landmark in the reclamation hall, and sales activities, show Qinghai plateau farming cycle industry development concept, outstanding brand promotion, in order to let the consumers know more about Qinghai, into Qinghai, Qinghai characteristics of agricultural and livestock products feel delicious, high quality and safety quality." Ma Qingde, deputy director of the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry.

as the country’s only national comprehensive international agricultural industry event, during the exhibition, there will be 100 thousand buyers and 300 thousand exhibitors.



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