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After college entrance examination should pay attention to safety

regardless of the test is good or bad, in 2016 the college entrance examination has ended, the volunteers have been delivered, the next to meet the natural candidates is a long holiday. However, after the college entrance examination of this period is a very special period of time, but also in the period of high risk of safety of students in adolescence, schools, parents and society can not care too much attention.

college entrance examination has just ended, came the sad news, Guangdong city in Jieyang province a few junior students attending the college entrance examination, the accident in a reservoir to swim, 3 men and 1 women died. Almost every year after the college entrance examination, there are graduates of the accident, in addition to the field of swimming, a variety of unexpected behavior. For example, after the end of last year’s college entrance examination, Sichuan, Suining, 40 students in the abandoned construction site to play tear famous game, one fell into the elevator shaft died.

according to the relevant statistics, from the years of the situation, after the end of this period of time, all kinds of high school graduates are more prone to accidents. After the college entrance examination students to "relax" often become safe "black hole", in pain society, torn families, has become a mirror of question of safety education. Although the accident is often caused by a variety of factors, but whether it is the school and the family, it is clear that they should take the responsibility to be vigilant to help children live through this black hole".

after the college entrance examination, students frequent accidents, there are a number of factors. The first is the increase in sample size. Before the college entrance examination, students do not have much time to go out, even if there are related activities, there are generally accompanied by teachers or parents, there is little chance of their own content and mode of control activities. After the end of the college entrance examination, a large number of students with no experience, no management of the organization to participate in a variety of activities did not carry out risk assessment, naturally added a large number of people in danger.

followed by the lack of pertinence and effectiveness of school safety education. "Relaxed" children have enough capacity, but lack the ability to match the safety awareness and safety knowledge. In addition, the parents of their own lack of safety awareness, in addition to the obvious danger, few people remember the risk assessment for children’s activities, there is no temporary training for children to protect themselves.

for the reasons for the safety accident caused by the college entrance examination, there should be targeted measures. On the one hand, we should improve the safety education of the school, and strengthen the responsibility of the school to the high school graduates. For example, after the college entrance examination, should have a safety class in the voluntary reporting period, according to the safety of students to meet the experience of teaching, teach students the basic knowledge of self-help and mutual aid, while the negative case to strengthen the students’ safety awareness holiday. The use of electricity, travel, entertainment, sports, heterosexual exchanges, should become an important part of safety education.

on the other hand, many parents and children relax together, not aware of this time


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