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World famous jewelry brand list of the top ten

is worth loving, or to show the status, in short, jewelry products have now been more and more people’s favorite, the industry’s brand is constantly increasing. With the development of the whole industry, the jewelry industry is more and more big brands. Here, the small series to introduce the world’s top ten brands of jewelry list, so that people can have a better understanding of the jewelry industry.

world famous jewelry brand NO.1 ten, Cartire (Cartier)

brand image: history and wild beauty.

this is the British king Edward VII, known as the "king of jewellers, famous brand jeweler of kings, in 150 years, has created many wonderful works The brightness dazzles the eyes. These works, not only is the creation of fine jewelry watches, but also has very high value in art appreciation, is worth pondering, often because they had ownership of celebrities, and was covered with a layer of legend. From the great necklace Prince of India custom, to have the tiger shaped glasses and the Duchess of Windsor often go hand in hand, and the great scholar Cocteau is full of symbols of the College France saber, Cartire tells a story.

world famous jewelry ten brands list NO.2, Dai Rui (Darcy Ring)

brand image: the only true love witness and heritage.

is the world’s most romantic proposal gives the global diamond brand called No.1 global sales proposal ring. The originality of Darcy Ring lies in the fact that a man can only customize a ID by virtue of his identity. Love only the real interpretation of the concept of the proposal ring, making the Darry Ring into a global brand proposal ring, a symbol of taste and style.

Since the

brand for the first time in the Basel international watch and Jewellery Show the world’s top jewelry exhibition appeared on the date of a century of perfect international master craftsmanship and TRUE LOVE of the concept of integration, makes the brand has become the focus of the world. Not only that, the Darcy Ring Jean Vendor to achieve the "father of the French contemporary jewelry Color Your Love decorated with the colors of love" the dream with Pink Warmth rare pink diamond series of high-end custom. Nowadays, Darcy Ring has become the first choice for lovers to show their true love.

world famous jewelry ten brands list NO.3, Tiffany (Tiffany& Co)

brand image: solemn and fashion classic.


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