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These policies in 2017 have a great relationship with you in Hangzhou

in Hangzhou, 2017, the relevant government will make the following rectification, which will be closely related to the people of Hangzhou, what is it? Hope that the following text can bring you more help, you can let the people of Hangzhou feel that the Hangzhou government in the real thing to do, it is worth praising.

is the most direct beneficiaries of the public, is the West Metro 2017 will add 35 kilometers mileage, Metro Line 2 (NW) to the end of June opening of trial operation, the Metro Line 2 phase two project, the first phase project of line 4 (South) before the end of the external test operation.

, of course, other subway lines, will also continue to enter the state of Construction: Construction of Metro Line 4, line 5, line 6 and other two projects of nearly 134 kilometers; construction as soon as possible in line 3 and line 7, the three phase of the project; by the end of last year approved by the metro planning three in 1 2, 5, 6, 7 lines have been started, for example, the 1 line three and line 2 three, has been started, the rest did not start on earth this year also plans to speed up the construction process, Expo Center Station will be built at the end of March.

[Key words: fast road network]

Jiangnan Avenue upgrade

bridge four bridge tunnel

Hangzhou Expressway five horizontal vertical Expressway completion rate reached 67%, urban road network structure has been basically formed, the fast channel with the main city of Yuhang, Xiaoshan three, Xiasha Vice City has been basically established.

this year, Hangzhou will focus on the construction of Expressway in the peripheral zone, construction, construction of the expressway are above 37km, Wenyi Road Underpass project (Baochu road – Zijin Road), rainbow road Xiaoshan section (Xiaoshan – East Lake expressway, Qingnian Road community) (outside north extension line – Weng Century Avenue), Qiu Shi the extension of the North Expressway (Linping Avenue) (Beltway north line – Highway 09), all the way west (Zijingang interchange – Jing Long Avenue), Shandong Road (Gen Peng Bu interchange – East Lake Road), Jiangnan Road (bridge Qianjiang four bridge – Qianjiang).

more attention, such as the upgrading of Jiangnan Avenue, from Qianjiang four bridge – Qianjiang third tunnel.

in the tunnel to traffic lights about 7, 2-3 traffic lights, plus this year the airport expressway to the airport to optimize, is expected in the future can be achieved from the Qianjiang four bridge to the airport road without lights.

[Key words: berth]

"shaft" parking garage

of each city are recommended


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