What are the steps to start a business

many entrepreneurs want to have a day dream of wealth can be realized, the process of entrepreneurship is not easy, need to know the market to collect all kinds of information, more need to do a lot of things, there are steps, so that entrepreneurs entrepreneurship, what are the steps?

Overview of

1, the characteristics of customers as much as possible a detailed list will give you the payment to individual customers (such as age, gender, location, interest, income, lifestyle and so on; the company customers such as industry, company type, the company set up time, the total number of employees, annual income, which department is interested in them customer etc.).

2, list and describe the characteristics of your products and services and the benefits that can be brought to the customer (i.e., find a selling point).

3, listed in the first year you want to sell in what areas.

4, which competitors are listed in these areas,


5, the price of these competitors sold?

6, evaluate the cost you want to charge in a competitive situation.

7, from you evaluate why customers are willing to buy, rather than from competitors to buy? (that is what attracted you to the customer, product, price, service fast, friendly, Business Hours, quality and staff skills?)

8, list and briefly describe the trends in your market and industry. Knowing the trend will help you decide where to go and what trends are available, which can be obtained from recent industry journals (


9, the growth potential of the market?

10, what is your method to let your customers know you exist? (with direct mail advertising, yellow pages, etc.)

11, combined with market conditions, competitive levels, promotional policies and industry trends to assess the first year sales forecast.

12, a list of government permission or approval is a prerequisite for the implementation of your business idea.

13, a brief description of your production / development / procurement process.

14, a brief description of your value realization process (that is, how the customer to complete the order, how you receive payment)

15, evaluate your first year’s operating capacity. (how large is the size of the operation, the production / development / sales ceiling, whether the future growth has also been taken into account?)

16, list your potential suppliers and backup suppliers to ensure business continuity)

17, list the resources and costs you need to start a business (such as equipment, personnel, finance, office, technology, etc.)

18, decide which resources you need to purchase, lease >


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