Where does summer cold drink shop fit

summer is a variety of cold drinks sales season, despite the large demand, but also in the sale of the right position. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you that the summer cold store opened for good sales where to.

Suitable for

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! But the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason to make many friends away. However, the high rent shop usually can bring huge benefits.

in Campus


in the industrial zone

is almost fixed consumer groups, consumption is relatively stable, the market potential is very large, the risk is small, can repeat business.



described above are in the larger flow of people, the demand for cold drink is large, so the cold drink shops choose the most important to the position, I hope to be able to want to do business to help investors selling cold drinks.


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