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Open an old teahouse to make business more popular

in the current venture market, said to open a teahouse, a lot of people are emerging in the minds of all kinds of high-end tea room. Indeed, the tea house has long been out of the prototype of the teahouse, the increase in the number of services is more and more, the cost of drinking a tea is naturally higher and higher. However, it is precisely because each teahouse in the constant innovation, open an old teahouse, but the business can be more popular.

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survey found that the old traditional teahouse in the city almost disappeared, although in modern society has added numerous recreation projects, all kinds of office, but for a multitude of names, recall the old teahouse in the minds of many times but never stopped, Chinese love to drink tea, tea tea has the best place as a pastime there are thousands of years, now the most high-end restaurants and out of the old house form, with too much unnecessary services, improve too much without some standard. People miss the old house, miss the old street culture in the teahouse, so now open an open-air teahouse is a very good investment projects.

teahouse, especially the selection of open-air teahouse, the city in order to improve the rate of greening and the new ideal for modern residential and surrounded by the city park. Can be achieved through the development of local government leisure projects tender and the initiative to apply for their right to operate, an area of about 500 square meters is better, basically a monthly management fee of about $3000 will be able to compete.

to Chengdu City, for example, there are many community Plaza operators are allowed to intervene. These places were trees, just put a fence and then add some antique bonsai and shizhuodandeng, with some old bamboo table even finished all the decoration. Investment will not exceed 5000 yuan. Add tea 3000 yuan, and must be handed over to the management unit of a few million deposit, a total investment of less than $100 thousand.

operating budget: four small monthly wages of 800 yuan, total 3600 yuan, plus 400 yuan depreciation and chairs, plus a monthly contract fee of 3000 yuan, the monthly cost of a total of 7000 yuan. The daily average of 100 people in the afternoon tea is defective, the sum of the most conservative estimate.

by calculating the profit in each of the average price of 2.35 yuan / bowl of tea, so if the price is 3 yuan / bowl profit of 0.65 yuan, which is the lowest profit rate and ensure the operational risk component, also can be a written report of business teahouse. To the actual level of consumption in the city, 3 yuan / bowl this price will be fully acceptable to the general public, and there is considerable market price competitiveness.

has a business, the following is the operating room and the ability to expand the operating profit.

the first step: to sell tea tea, tea and tea old tea is unique and unique, need


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