To ask the details to join together

1. I saw your shop business is very good, but the location is good, but I just can’t get it, I can assist headquarters location?

Answer: actually,

opened a "juke" restaurant, the choice of shops is crucial, together to open a shop early cannot do without investigation and analysis and evaluation of the headquarters of the shop.

for early investors to find their own facade, first of all to the project in the comprehensive understanding and study, can only understand the project investors to fully aware of the needs of the project of the consumer groups and shop location. So basically there is a preliminary screening. Headquarters will be based on your favorite shops and the surrounding business district to conduct some professional research, analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of the shop, the final choice of the most suitable shop.

2. franchise fee is how much?


the project cost to join the contract period of five years of charges, investors the market investigation, store location, staff recruitment and training, decoration design and supervision and post new product updates, are made by the headquarters for the professionals to provide a full range of tracking guidance services.

How much is your

fee according to the size of stores and investment cities to determine, it is important that investors as long as the choice of management institutions have the strength, with headquarters effective for each store management, get full support from headquarters, the period of recovery of investment, generally to recover upfront investment in 1 to 2 years.

3. do you have seasonal products?


products to juke is not affected by the seasons. We will launch new products in different seasons, the company’s R & D department will do research on the market, and constantly develop new products according to market feedback, in order to meet the needs of the market.

4. headquarters to ensure that we join the restaurant profit?

answer: at present, any industry, any brand is unable to make such a promise, join in any investment has a correct investment mentality is very important, of course, only the franchisee for money, will be conducive to the development of the brand continued healthy.

Western-style food investment is a relatively small risk, steady gains in the industry, the headquarters will be opened early in each franchise restaurant ready including location, personnel training, give guidance after the opening, will join the restaurant investment risk to a minimum. However, as the source of success in many ways, the headquarters is not the only weight.

5. in the course of business if we encounter


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