Liu Yiguo hot pot

today this is a Hot pot to recommend project called Liu Hot pot pot, we see clearly, this is not often said that Liu hand Hot pot, but another famous Hot pot brand, let us join by members of the Liu Yiguo Liu Yiguo Hot pot shop how you ask.

Liu pot restaurant management company, established in 2004, a few years in the general manager under the leadership of Mr. Wei Chengjiang, created in R & D, marketing, management and its derivative projects as one of the national professional catering chain enterprises. The company’s main business, "Liu Yiguo Ba Ba head" brand. Headquarters has more than and 130 employees, construction, technical staff of more than and 40 people. Formed a marketing, research and development, construction, technology, human resources training and other integrated service system. At present, the company has a sound management system and corporate culture, the formation of a win-win situation of management, culture and construction. At the same time stores throughout black, Kyrgyzstan, Liaoning, Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Beijing and other provinces and cities.

Liu pot join Q & A:

asked: how to join Liu pot to site?

A: first of all, in order to protect the interests of franchisees in all existing stores, not 3 kilometers within the region and then set up second stores, so you need to call Tel 400-600-8787 in the location, you know where there are no other stores, and then consider other join problems. Secondly, we should try to choose in the vicinity of the city business district, densely populated, convenient transportation areas. Liu Yiguo in the competition with other types of food and beverage enterprises have certain advantages, so the industry is the dense area of the store. After the store to choose spacious, bright, ventilated, there are enough parking spaces nearby.

Q: what are the company’s requirements for the area of the store?

answer: provincial capital city is not less than 1000 ~ 1500 square meters, the city level of not less than 700 ~ 800 square meters, the city of the county level is not less than 600 square meters, not less than the county level city.

asked: how much is the joining fee, including what?

: a capital city to join the cost of 300 thousand yuan / three years, management fees 30 thousand yuan / year, district level city to join the cost 15 ~ 240 thousand yuan / three years, management fees 10000 yuan / year, county-level city to join the cost of 80 thousand yuan / three years (Jiangsu Province, Anhui province county to charge 100 thousand yuan / three years), management fees 8000 yuan / year, city level city franchise fee 100 thousand yuan / three years (Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, county-level city franchise fee of 120 thousand yuan / three years), management fees 10000 yuan / year. Joining fee includes 3 years >


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