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List of failures of these ten errors easily lead to business failure

as entrepreneurs, we not only to the pursuit of success, we have to focus on failure, lessons learned from failure, in order to go more long-term. When you think seriously about failure, you will find that it is neither inevitable nor worth bragging. Here, we made a list of failures, you can provide early warning that these ten errors easily lead to business failure.

1.  universal technology. If they use this method, has been doomed to fail before then in the start, actually this kind of idea is the greatest sin of entrepreneurship. The founders of the company will invest a few years to develop their own technology, they would like to develop their own things, but also feel that other people will like their own technology. But this is not the case, for the customer, it is not what technology can do, but technology can not do anything. Many solutions to help customers, sales are very good, but the technology can not do this.

2.  turn CEO into a rock star. There are many first-time CEO, they tend to imagine themselves to be the next Steve Jobs, want to learn Jobs’s domineering president feeling, and his magnificent speech style. But don’t forget that Jobs is not alone, he is surrounded by Wozniak. And it should be noted that the venture capital investment, the value of the team, rather than individuals. As Walter  Isaacson’s new book, "the innovator" in said, if a chief executive has a strong executive team, listen to them, and they share with each other, so the start-up will be in operation under the control of one person, it will lead to make a lot of mistakes.

3.  invest too early in branding, put too much.   don’t develop your brand in the cocoon, and don’t have to look for the help of the brand agents because they are expensive. What you need to do is to develop your brand organically, and you need to do brand promotion according to the corporate culture and customer response. Finally, you will find that the brand will become more accurate and cheaper.

4.  giving the user experience the authority over the brand itself. A strong user experience manager, although the appearance of the product is very strong, but also in marketing also has a unique side, but is likely to ruin your marketing results, if you’re not ready to let the company vice president of marketing to design the user experience, so don’t let your user experience charge too much control of company brand marketing.

5.  ask your employees to choose their own jobs. You might want to think about it, such as "sales leader" and "growth hackers," such a title will help the company’s sales?

6.  choose to celebrate the company’s product milestones, such as printing


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