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Learn the spirit of Lei Feng bear the brunt of Chongqing

from the people of the spirit of Lei Feng had a good study, in today, the spirit of the spirit of the consumer’s attention, won the recognition of people. In many hearts, want to be able to better learn the spirit of Lei Feng. Therefore, in Chongqing, to carry out a variety of learning activities to win recognition.

at the ceremony, Professor Fang Fengfu Lei Feng painting class founder Fang Fengfu, in 2016 the country’s most beautiful volunteers Wang Fengbing person at the launch site, to carry out services for the public.

Fang Fengfu, Professor of painting and calligraphy class founder professor Fang Fengfu to start the ceremony, the scene to teach people to learn Chinese painting, painting and painting for some lovers to comment on the work of the.

80 year old Chinese painting master Fang Fengfu is good at painting grapes, known as the "king of the Chinese grape," the reputation of his pen, the color of the grapes bright, so coveted. In 1963, Fang Fengfu founded the painting and calligraphy classes of the, free of charge to teach people to learn Chinese painting, 54 years, the painting and calligraphy classes of the students have reached tens of thousands of people who have been painting and calligraphy in China for the past years.

[same period] (Fang Fengfu, founder of the painting and calligraphy class,)


I do this class is from Chairman Mao, March 5, 1963, up to now has insisted for 54 years, is still. Although 80 years old, I think they will continue to work hard, to continue to do some more good things for the people to solve all the specific difficulties, thoughts and desires.

in Chongqing, more and more people joined the ranks of Lei Feng spirit, make people feel more happiness, since, Chongqing has set up various volunteer service team of more than 31 thousand and 600, the number of registered volunteers 4 million 680 thousand people, ranking first in the country.

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