Want to shop these procedures must be done

shop to do a lot of procedures, so it is necessary to handle a properly, in order to successfully opened, smooth money. Many people now have some idle funds to buy a house, can not afford a car, had Yao Hao, buy shares of stock, how do people always quilt? Or do you open a shop, what procedures need to shop, for you to resolve the following eleven.

the first step: select the operating space (the need for real estate license and lease contract registration) lease management fees, stamp duty (the owners), the site to have a real estate license or the lease registration of the lease contract book

The second step:

for business licenses

to the local industrial and commercial registration for business. For business license, the need to bring a place to prove (lease contract or real estate license), identity cards.

a clothing store needs to solve the problem of what other procedures in addition to the self-employed industrial and commercial registration abroad, you must first determine the manner in which shop management.

Registered with

third step: best for fire approval

fourth step: after receiving the business license for

1, seal of approval, engraved chapter (Chapter carved 80-300 yuan)

2, for the organization code certificate

3, for tax registration (business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge

5, apply for tax registration (sales tax. Enterprise income tax, individual income tax (


6, for social security procedures (including the units and individuals pay social insurance payment)


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