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How to do discount promotions pricing strategy

to open restaurants, in order to attract more customers into the store consumption, usually with the changing seasons, anniversary, trade fairs and other implementation of discounts. So what will be done in the promotion of discount promotions do?

1, one-time discount

this means that in a certain period of time for all of the chain of a certain proportion of goods, is a short-term promotional pricing. For example, holidays are generally consumer shopping climax, seize the opportunity to plan to launch a one-time discount pricing, can achieve a good promotional effect. The advantages of a one-time discount pricing is to promote popularity, immediate results; consumer impulse buying, can significantly enhance the performance of a large number of consumer purchasing, the formation of a threat to competitors. The disadvantage is that after the discount chain stores need to go through a period of low sales in order to restore, so only short-term performance improvement. This approach is not a radical effect on the company is declining, can not improve customer loyalty.

2, cumulative discount

cumulative discount is a discount offered by chain stores for many times. This is a long time activity. The most typical example is presented according to the customer shopping points, its approach is: consumers in the store to a one-time spending hard yuan, we can get the integral ticket, every vouchers as an integral point, collected some points to start with prizes. The more points, the higher the value of prizes. As a result of the purchase of goods to the chain of the majority of consumers in the vicinity, this method can increase the number of consumers to shop, and increase consumption, so the stability of consumer groups, has an important role. Its advantage is to reduce the cost of promotion, increase the number of transactions, can show the difference advantage with other stores. Its disadvantage is: if the cumulative integral coupons for too long, easy to make consumers lose interest.

3 discount coupon discount

coupon discount refers to the chain stores to provide consumers with coupons, consumers can enjoy the discount coupons directly, this is one of the commonly used strategies of price promotion. It not only has the "low price" promotion effect, but also make consumers have the desire to buy. Coupons are often printed by a manufacturer or company, and consumers can enjoy a discounted price for a given item by cutting off a coupon. The advantages are: to stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers to buy; attract new consumers to join. The disadvantage is: easy to employee fraud, and if the discount commodity attraction is not high, can not produce the desired effect.

4, seasonal discount

many commodities can use seasonal discounts to achieve seasonal consumption climax, such as drinks, clothing, home appliances, food, etc.. In the season the price discounts can promote sales, increase sales; in the off-season sales by price discounts can reduce the clearance, to prevent the backlog, "


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