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Henan Unicom receives special gifts from employees

gift is one of the blessings that we all receive in our daily lives. The so-called "ceremony light affection heavy" gift is not the size of the precious. So, Henan Unicom employees from the special gift is a gift?

5 month 17 days, the world telecommunication day, China China Unicom (600050, shares) Henan branch (hereinafter referred to as Henan Unicom) received a special gift from employees "– Henan Unicom a number of employees of the company recently implemented the" outsourcing "expressed dissatisfaction with the work.

according to the reporter, these employees are mostly labor dispatch system, according to the current employment system of Henan Unicom, the vast majority of labor dispatch staff will be outsourced out.

2014 in March 1st, the Ministry of human resources and social issues and the implementation of the Provisional Regulations on labor dispatch. Among them, the fourth provisions of the employing units should strictly control the number of labor dispatch, the number of dispatched workers shall not exceed 10% of the total employment". Article twenty-eighth also provides that more than 10% of the plan should be developed to adjust employment, within the scope of the provisions of the provisions of the implementation of the provisions of the provisions of the proportion of 2 years."

according to China Unicom listed companies earnings, in 2014 and in 2015, China Unicom, the proportion of labor dispatch companies were 18.7% and 13%. It should be noted that the number of statistics does not cover the labor dispatch employees of China Unicom group.

2015, Henan Unicom has launched the "business skills contest non contract transcription work" for a year, the performance appraisal of the employees, two prize, won the first prize of the non contract employees, and in accordance with the qualifications, age requirements can be converted into a formal contract. But most of the staff in 10 years, more than 20 years of employees do not meet the requirements.

from Zhoukou, Shangqiu, Sanmenxia and other places of Henan Unicom staff told reporters: "there are 20 years of work by some degree stuck, no qualifications have been admitted to some degree, the performance is qualified, may also be other reasons to brush off."

employees doubt outsourcing contract

has been divided into posts and telecommunications in 1998, the north and South split in 2002, the merger of China Unicom in 2008, China Unicom has become the highest degree of complexity of operators.

"before 2005, we were called" temporary workers "." A number of staff to reporters on 90s century work of the "deposit", had to pay about 1000 yuan deposit can be a temporary Telecommunications Bureau or post office, but no full support.


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