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Moroccan TV Channel 2M Announces New Programs for Ramadan

Rabat – Moroccan state owned TV channel 2M has struggled to find an alternative to Hassan El Fad’s famous comedy sitcom, “The Couple,” therefore must rely primarily on old productions to attract the audience during the holy month.To meet the needs of a growing audience during Ramadan, 2M TV will present many series and comedy sitcoms including “Nayda fi douar” and the second season of the sitcom “Kenza fi Douar,” which was watched by over 10 million viewers during Ramadan 2014.“The Couple” will be shown every day during the holy month of Ramadan just before breaking the fast, a period called the Iftar. Dounia Boutazout, the actress that gained fame after her successful performance in “the Couple,” will star in another series “F Salone” (in the living room), which will be broadcasted in three-minute episodes every day at 20.15.Abdellah Didane, who appeared in the controversial film “Much Loved,” will be among the main characters of this sitcom.Another new series to be broadcasted in four-minute episodes is entitled “Nejma w Qamar” and will feature the story of two young unemployed girls whose life is turned upside down after being hired as street vendors in the streets of Casablanca.The comedy series of “Al khawasser” is also programmed for broadcast, even though shooting for the show has just begun. The sitcom will be composed of 30 four-minute long episodes aired every day at 21h.After a long absence due to a period of recovery following a car accident, Hicham Bahloul will return to the screen in the historical series “Hbal Rih,” derived from Moroccan history and cultural heritage.


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