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Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil, Mohamed Lahna Launch ‘Green March Triathlon’

Rabat – “Triathlon de la Marche Verte,” a triathlon created to memorialize the Green March of 1975, is currently taking place in Morocco. It began in Tangier on October 11th and will end in Lagouira on November 6th.The Triathalon was launched by Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil, and Mohamed Lahna, who “wish to revive the glorious march” on this 40th anniversary of the Green March. One of the longest in the world, the route itself contains 10 kilometers of swimming, 2595 kilometers of cycling, and 460 kilometers of running, broken up over 18 days.Ibn Abdeljalil is a successful investment banker who put aside his financial career to follow his dream of climbing Mount Everest, an achievement for which King Mohamed VI awarded him an order of merit. He volunteers within the realm of education, as an ambassador for Injaz al Maghreb and as vice president of the Association Amani. Lahna was a runner up in the Para-Triathlon Worlds in Beijing in 2011 and winner of the World Cup Para-Triathlon in 2011. He has accomplished many personal challenges including crossing the Straight of Gibraltar, doing the Sand Marathon, and the Ironman Triathlon Kona. He is currently preparing for the Rio 2016 Para-Olympics.The triathlon is in honor of The Green March, which took place on November 6, 1975 during which 350,000 Moroccans marched from Marrakech to challenge the occupation of Spanish Sahara and attempt to unite Morocco from Tangier to Lagouira.To follow the action visit www.nacerben.com.


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