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Changsha to increase the integrity of civilized traffic information into the construction of social

to carry out the construction of civilization in Changsha, so that all motor vehicle owners, with a file of their own, is conducive to better management. Civilized traffic information from the social credit system construction. The driver of the civilization credit rating will integrate the classification by the traffic control department to the community publicity, query.

it is understood that the "measures" for the management of all Hunan motor vehicle drivers, all motor vehicles, motor vehicle management; motor vehicle driving license personnel in Hunan province occurred civilized traffic dishonest behavior of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) also applies to owners and drivers.

in accordance with the degree of punishment, the size of the degree of responsibility, civilized traffic credit rating is divided into general dishonesty, heavier dishonesty, three kinds of serious dishonesty. Which is generally valid for 1 years credit record is broken, and the other two were for 3 years and 5 years, the validity of the credit can not be repaired. The information from the bank, education, housing, transportation, commerce, and other relevant departments to query by CIRC, and linked to occupation access, personal credit, vehicle insurance, Pingyoupingxian, implement the corresponding punishment for dishonesty main traffic behavior.

many people know that the sale of the driver’s license in the market, you can let people relax on the traffic rules, if you do not pay attention to traffic rules, over time, there will be more problems. In the Changsha and selling points drivers in penalties for traffic violations, serious traffic violations recorded or out of the driver’s license will directly lead to consequences of dishonesty, will produce irreparable consequences for other life credit society, money is not "capricious".

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