Beach clean up ahead of Pan Am Games

Van Wagners Beach near Hutches is a place many visit to relax and catch some sun. But some of our viewers contacted us, asking ‘what are Pan Am Games visitors going to think of the state of the beach?’ Because for the past few days, it’s not a destination some Hamiltonians are proud of.Cindy Csordas reports on what is being done to clean up the mess.A beach is usually a place where families like to visit to enjoy the environment. But not at Van Wagners Beach near Hutches in the last few days. “If I come here with my mom and brother and I play in the sand and find garbage, I don’t want to play in the sand anymore” says little Makenna Langford who was visiting the beach today. “If it was cleaner I’d be building sandcastles and having fun”Sandcastles could’ve been built with some interesting accessories today. Straws, bottle caps, juiceboxes, cigarette butts and a deflated balloon? How about a sock? That’s just some of the litter that’s scattered along the shoreline, not far from several garbage cans.Some of the parents at the beach today say they’re worried about letting their children walk bare feet or play in the sand because of all the garbage everywhere. Others worry about what kind of image a dirty beach will leave with Pan Am Games tourists who may visit here. The Hamilton Conservation authority owns the land. They say the windy storm at the end of June is responsible for scattering garbage all over several Hamilton beaches. The Conservation Authority was busy cleaning up Fifty Points Beach today and says Van Wagners Beach is next on their list. They say Van Wagners Beach is a difficult on to clean because they can’t use equipment, due to the rock and the texture of the sand. All of the garbage needs to be picked up by hand.


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