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Shared economy and fire entrepreneurs enjoy what

There are a lot of hot words in

2015, and in 2016, the word "shared economy" has gone on. In the era of "shared economy", what are the advantages? Entrepreneurs and from the "enjoy" to what? Let’s talk about it!

has entered a golden period?

this in the current downturn in the economic environment, but also a similar logic. According to the Research Institute of Tencent, the sharing of the economy can help supply side structural reforms, expanding consumer demand, the new momentum of economic growth. Preliminary estimates, the proportion of the domestic economy accounted for the proportion of the third industrial added value of 3 ,.15%, to provide new momentum for the growth of the service industry, the service industry into the main engine of economic growth".

PP car rental C  E  O Zhang Bingjun agree with the above point of view. In his view, along with the economic transformation, consumption patterns represent a new future, while sharing economy is a commercial form which can scale, fully mobilize everyone in the society resources, such as houses, vehicles, and to increase income, some people may use the craft, like Manicure, massage platform. Create value in your spare time, allow consumers to enjoy more cost-effective services, so as to create more G  D  P. "in the past, no mobile Internet, to realize information exchange and trading on the individual, the efficiency is very low.


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