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Join the horse Youbu beef noodles what conditions

China’s most famous and most representative of the traditional media, of course, CCTV, CCTV can be seen by nature is a certain representative. You know what? In 1992, CCTV TV drama "beef noodle story" in Lanzhou, the scene is selected Ma Youbu beef noodle shop, of course, this is just the beginning of Lanzhou; Ma Youbu beef noodle development. In 1993 the State Ministry of domestic horse Youbu beef noodle shop the first to join the "China Time-honored" ranks. Lanzhou City People’s Government awarded the "Lanzhou beef noodle Youbu horse" advanced unit title. The first Chinese Silk Road Festival, Ma Youbu beef noodle was designated as special supply point. Lanzhou horse Youbu beef noodle now is Lanzhou city Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef level store, is also one of Lanzhou citizens eat beef noodles. Lanzhou horse Youbu beef noodles, adhering to the "hunger breeds discontentment, food to face for the first" purpose. Favored by consumers in many of the Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles brand. So what are the good Hand-Pulled Noodle brand franchise?

joined the horse Youbu beef noodles what conditions?

join conditions:

1, the brand to join the legal person must be Muslim, and store Muslim employees must reach more than sixty percent.

2, love food and beverage industry, with entrepreneurial spirit.

3, be able to accept the company headquarters and regional agents management.

4, with an open mind and healthy mind.

5, willing to participate in the training, to comply with the provisions of the management.

6, with more than three hundred thousand yuan investment capacity.

7, with team spirit.

8, dedicated, professional attitude into the management of the whole body.

if you meet the above conditions to join, you can easily join the horse Youbu beef noodles! Hurry to join in our website below message oh!


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