What are the importance of store inventory

some people shop business is muddleheaded, the store is selling merchandise merchandise which is not enough to sell, perhaps what unsalable goods to expired, the owner is not clear, it is natural for the circulation of funds are not a little help. So, if you want to successfully run a shop, you need to do a good job inventory. You know, inventory can have a very important role in the operation of the store. So, what is the importance of store inventory?


shops operating for many years, the customer is not small, business is not bad, but money is not enough, especially at the end of the year, want to smoke some money out is not easy; commodity is more than just the shop, but the real selling merchandise is not much. What is the reason for this?

– Sheng delta supermarket owner


believes that many retail customers will have such a mentality. Why does it look like there is no balance in the profitable business? The answer is simple.

inventory important one: easy to understand the operating conditions. If you do not stock, you will not know how much inventory of goods, which goods sell fast, which is more suitable for local consumer goods…… In operation if there are so many "don’t know", the purchase will be relatively blind, thus the backlog of goods, such as poor sales situation. Therefore, weekly or monthly inventory should be carried out in order to keep abreast of operating conditions.

inventory importance of two: to facilitate the timely development of marketing strategy. The most important thing is to buy goods suitable for local residents to meet the needs of different customers. How to make limited funds to meet the changing needs of the business, the owner needs to understand the surrounding market, according to the current situation of the funds, timely and reasonable development of the actual purchase and sale strategy.

inventory importance of three: easy to determine the brand replacement. A shop in the main and run after a period of running, will form a unique management style. With the continuous differentiation of market competition, new products continue to emerge, alternative brands are constantly updated. This requires the owner to fully understand their operating status under the premise, reasonable replacement brand, otherwise it will form a lot of goods, can quickly look at "money" of goods rarely phenomenon.

many shopkeepers are also aware of the importance of inventory, will do this work, however, the frequency is too low, the interval is too long. So, Xiao Bian in this proposal is very important point is that, on the inventory, to do "often", rather than "once a year".


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