Sichuan pay more attention to innovation

2015, the Sichuan be in full swing carried out a number of innovative activities in the western region to create a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere. In the new year, Sichuan continue to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, to encourage the upgrading of traditional business, emerging industries to break through, to achieve the two economic take-off.

1 4, the first day of new year’s work, the Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology news: the first phase of the scale of 2 billion yuan in Sichuan venture capital investment fund, has completed the establishment of the work. As the province’s first complete industrial and commercial registration of the provincial innovation fund will operate in accordance with the market, investment in unlisted start-up period, seed stage and growth stage of science and technology of small and micro enterprises.

"total action", also have "split up" wildly beating gongs and drums: Chengdu held global innovation and entrepreneurship fair, Zigong will build "salt multi-creation space", the Suining Office of the innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, more than 300 entrepreneurs from the scene……

Behind the

in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, "innovation" was frequently mentioned. As the foundation of people’s livelihood of traditional agriculture, is expected in the next five years, a different kind of flowers".


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