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Your actions may affect your employees’ emotions

many catering managers are unhappy about their employees, always tried various ways to regulate their own employees, make the best of the restaurant service, there are many managers want their employees every day is in high spirits, to various ways, but managers also should understand that only the subordinate respect, they will be full of passion.

your behavior may affect your employees’ emotions

many managers in the normal behavior is often unconsciously made the following mistakes.


, his work ablaze with anger

a lot of people have bad mood, the general staff will be more or less with their emotions, this will certainly affect the efficiency of the day’s work. As a manager, you have to control your emotions, your efficiency directly affects the efficiency of everyone.

2, you do everything

many restaurant management always for their subordinates all is not at ease, always intervention actions of employees, for employees with various dissatisfaction, a lot of things he would personally do so for employees to bring great restrictions, many employees will feel uncomfortable. In fact, as managers do not need this, managers should fully believe their employees, give them their own space, so that the food can be better development.

3, you don’t care about

many managers in the management will make such a mistake, is nothing. Managers should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each employee, so that they can make a better development. Now the company’s employees and before, and now employees are able to participate in the development of things, but also the need for superior trust, so as to better development.

4, turn a blind eye to the problem of employees

your staff is in a bad mood, certainly encountered problems in the work, but as a manager you don’t care for such problems, its development, it will definitely happen a lot of bad things, all the managers should take to solve the problem of employees. Let employees with a good mood to work

these errors are a lot of managers will make some mistakes, but did not realize that eventually produced a lot of problems, as managers to improve their management skills and level. Allow your team to work efficiently.


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