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Headmaster Fired for Secret Cryptomining Operation at School

first_img It can be tough to turn a profit by mining cryptocurrencies. High-end hardware is expensive and has a voracious appetite for electricity. If you really want to turn a profit, you need to look for ways to keep your costs down. For some miners, that means setting up mining rigs somewhere that all the waste heat they produce can be put to good use. Others might take a shadier approachThe headmaster of a school in China decided to boost his bottom line by plugging in to free power. Free to him, anyway. He decided to take his rigs to work and let the school foot the bill.While it saved on electricity, the move ultimately came with a substantial cost: his job. The headmaster was unceremoniously fired once his operation has discovered, according to BBC News.AdChoices广告Lei Hua, the head of Puman Middle School in China’s Hunan Province, reportedly started out with a single $1500 machine set up at his home to mine Ethereum. However, he quickly decided that he didn’t want to continue footing the bill to power the rig.Once the system was set up at the school it was time to scale up. Lei purchased another seven mining rigs. His deputy headmaster got in on the action, too, purchasing a ninth system. Never hurts to add more hashing power, right?Well, it doesn’t until the people around you start to notice all the fan noise. After a school employee had reported the unusually high electricity consumption to Lei, the headmaster tried to dismiss those complaints by blaming the school’s air conditioners and heaters, the South China Morning Post reported. He couldn’t blame network disruptions on environmental controls, however.The additional network traffic from the cryptomining raised suspicions. The mining setup started to cause bottlenecks on the school’s LAN and disrupting lessons.By the time it was busted, investigators believe that the mining operation had consumed more than $2,100 in electricity.And as crazy as this story might seem, it’s not even close to the craziest secret crypto operation that’s been busted. Back in February, Russian authorities found one running in a top-secret nuclear facility.More on Geek.com:German Museum Exhibits the Art of BlockchainBitcoin Mining Puts a Massive Strain on ElectricityOscar Mayer Trades Bacoin Cryptocurrency for Actual Bacon Facebook Is Making Cryptocurrency Because We’ve Learned NothingCops Raid Suspected Pot House, Find Cryptomining Operation Instead Stay on targetlast_img


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