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Retail customers want to do business in rural areas need to do a good job health

people who visited the supermarket to see the rural retail sales environment often can not stand, not only chaos, but also very dirty. So, under the influence of the objective environment, good sanitation has been a rural retail weakness". First, geographical environment. Rural land, wind, wind, dust are inside and outside; two is rural retail stores are mostly home stores, mostly residential premises after the transformation, where most goods piled together, health is also very difficult to put in place; three is the thought problem.

is a mostly rural personal shop, a party in this area is not powerless, consciousness on the one hand. It can be said that environmental health has a great impact on the retail business. When we are shopping, often hear people around, don’t go to his house to buy things, too dirty. Don’t say love is clean, sloppy people they do not love those who do not clean the store. Therefore, rural retail customers want to do business, holding the popularity to bring wealth, should first start from the environmental health.

first, the store must be spacious, there are measures to shade the sun. On the one hand can provide rest for chat with the villagers, on the one hand can retain popularity. At the same time, do not pile up debris, firewood in front of the store, because the wind blew up the debris will. At the same time, do not have weeds in front of the shop, to eradicate, cleaning, give people a sense of freshness.

rural people right, love is a habit, especially those in the village at the end of the retail store, is the villagers love to go to the place, usually in front of the store because of the gathering of more staff, appeared phlegm, cigarette ash, wrapping paper and other debris on the ground, will not only unsightly, not health, in a timely manner to retail customers for cleaning, also a refreshing environment for customers.

two is to store the goods to be standardized, there must be no shelf shelves debris. Manage rural small shops, retail customers can not be, to pay attention to, with the improvement of people’s living standards, customer demand for the purchase of the environment is also increasing. I think that sellers must have counter shelves, so can not only conducive to commodity storage, but also conducive to health. At the same time, counters, shelves on the glass to be clean and bright, there can be no stains, debris, to prevent the impact of the customer’s buying mood. In addition, to counter, goods on the shelf arrangement, prevent dust, stains, the impact of commodity sale.

three is clean and tidy. As we all know, the environment has a certain role in promoting and weakening the sale of goods. This can be seen from the store’s business, which is also a customer shopping experience. A good experience can increase the rate of return, poor experience can reduce customer interest in buying.

So is the

rural retail store, whether you how the hardware retail stores, but the health should be in place, to clean the environment, goods should be placed at the same time, don’t forget, but the price tag. In place of business


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