Blosso chicken joined broad prospects

in the modern society, people pay special attention to delicacy, with the continuous development of economy, people love to eat special delicacy, blosso chicken as high value and high nutrition popular delicious, join market is very hot, now blosso chicken joined a lot of advantages, attracted a lot of attention of entrepreneurs.

so, blosso chicken? Blosso chicken chicken originated from the ancient medicine, accompanied by the national Ministry of Health announced the 28 kinds of food and medicine development of Chinese herbal medicine, refined by steaming, boiling, halogen more than and 20 processes and products, with the spleen and stomach, nourishing longevity effect. With using the Qianjiang source forest backyard Yaowang pheasant as raw material, excellent quality, rich flavor, is China in Zhejiang Province in third, the first chicken green food. Blosso chicken has four major characteristics: Chinese medicine modulation, purely natural, crisp but not bad, old and young, fragrant, articulate fragrant endless aftertaste, be the same outside and inside. Four hundred years ago, the popular called a "medicine chicken" of the delicious food, the emperor Qian Long was later praised as "color aroma and taste great".

it is based on the Chinese food culture, "medicine and food as a whole" theory, with 28 Chinese herbal medicine refined, with nourishing nutrition, health and stomach effect. And the production does not add any additives, such as pigment, preservatives, steamed, boiled, roasted, baked and produced by the natural flavor, is no pollution of natural foods. How to make your blosso chicken, firmly grasp the wealth market, creating remarkable good results, blosso chicken to join? Blosso chicken delicious hot items worthy of investment, you can profit from it.

some people do not have a good appetite for a period of time, do not eat anything sweet, which has great harm to everyone’s body. To solve this problem, joined Jiang Huang, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices in the production process, spices due to its unique aroma and spicy taste, have a good appetite, eliminate odor, increase the aroma and color effect, but also has antibacterial, antioxidant effect.


have a high evaluation of the chowhound blosso chicken everyone said blosso chicken is very delicious, enjoy the taste buds, as a classic delicacy, blosso chicken worth entrepreneurs to join, to create wealth investment blosso chicken.


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