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Open the wine shop easy to walk into what errors

open wine stores also need to focus on the use of promotional programs to improve store profitability, but in doing promotions, many novice will make some mistakes. These errors seem to be a common phenomenon, so Xiaobian compiled some of the key points, hoping to help you understand the right to promote the business process errors in a timely manner to correct.

positioning of the main promotional unknown

agents in the design of all kinds of promotional activities, we must make clear the main theme of the promotional activities for the type of consumer.

promotional theme and product brand image characteristics do not match

most of the promotional activities are not only simple themes, promotions, gifts and often the relationship between the brand, and other brands are more vulnerable to battle, it is difficult to achieve the essence of the promotional effect of


promotional activities and market timing does not match

timing is to do the most basic conditions of promotion, so agents must pay attention to the timing, advance publicity, to seize the hot spots, but not slow response.

promotional activities affect the sale of positive price products

believes that many agents tend to make promotional price of product sales is not good, not only reduces the sales contribution of loyal consumers, will let consumers feel the product price and the actual value does not match, he purchased the original products prices have greatly reduced space, damage the image of the product.

to ensure the promotional activities have effect, ensure promotions agency carefully designed, the owner must carefully designed promotions, like festivals, anniversary and other promotional reasons must be sufficient to bring popularity.

open wine shop, do promotional interaction, the most afraid to enter some misunderstanding. If you do not know if they are not into the error, you can look at. Xiaobian finishing may not be comprehensive enough, need to join a lot of reference to the experience of others, to find their own shortcomings, timely adjustments to better development.

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