How to attract customers in the winter

now with cooler weather gradually, when the cold winter has not said hello to us Pumianerlai, in fact, is also a lot of clothing store a headache, because this time the passenger generally do not stay in their store, how can we retain them?

winter with personalized jewelry fashion


buy clothes to send a simple set of accessories, sweaters, with a huge necklace to be decorated, more youthful fashion. A clothing store in the East Street on the red, the shopkeeper to introduce customers to the accessories: "don’t think the winter clothes will not create space, it can be through some accessories, to show the different collocation effect. The same piece of clothing, through different accessories can change a different style, the same sweater with gorgeous pearl jewelry, will produce a different effect."

xishangmeishao "slightly sweet customers try clothes besides price, do not try to know how the effect is good?" "It’s a good fit to wear on your body, and your body is better," said, "you don’t have to wear it. It’s much more beautiful than when you came in"…… If you spend a little time in a street clothing store, you will be impressed by the enthusiasm of the owner or salesperson.

for customers, owners without exception, first proposed to wear clothes, as long as the body is a mengkua. In the sweet frantically, nearly half of consumers took out his wallet.

"women shopping mostly impulse consumption, stores in the commercial street, many customers into the store has great randomness. You can enter the shop, buy clothes do not look at your ability to buy. Who does not love to hear people boast, now the girls are beautiful, trying on clothes boast a few words they relented." Pedestrian street in the city, a clothing store owner told reporters that their sales experience.

discount, is always a brand stores showmanship sales practices, regardless of season or goods, in a discount every kind of reason. For the economic strength of the street store, they can not say that discounts can be discounted, and now they have a better way to attract repeat customers".

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